The Best Altenative Acts Coming To Cleveland This December

The Best Altenative Acts Coming To Cleveland This December

A new month, means a new list of concerts!


A new month means a new list of concerts coming through Cleveland, and it doesn't look as though December is going to disappoint!

Whether you're celebrating Seaway's American vacation with Trophy Eyes or hanging out at the best Snowed In Festival we've ever had (I may be biased), the month of December has some amazing shows coming through Cleveland, and you seriously won't want to miss them!

Without further ado, here are the best shows coming to Cleveland in December!

1. Mahall's


Free Throw, Kayak Jones, Charmer, Deep Sign


The Grievance Club, Biitchseat, Drag Daze


Settle Your Scores, Nominee, Blindside Avenue, As Time Fades


CityCop, Golden God, Wallcreeper, Bare Walls

Author's Pick: This is a tough one, but I think I'd have to choose Free Throw just for the simple fact that this lineup is seriously stacked. Every band on this bill has something special to bring to the stage and you're missing out if you don't attend it.

2. The Beachland Ballroom


Seaway, Trophy Eyes, Microwave, Can't Swim, Hot Mulligan


I See Stars, the Promise Hero

Author's Pick: No offence to any bands in this article, but if you go to any show in December, it's got to be Seaway. This band is one of the best in the scene, and the lineup is truly one of the best I've seen in a long time (though I may be biased, I do love Hot Mulligan and Seaway a lot.) Please, do yourself a favor and go see Seaway.

3. The Agora


Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance, Crown The Empire, The Plot In You


Death Cab For Cutie


Knocked Loose, Knuckle Puck, Harm's Way, Hot Mulligan, Vein, Kublai Khan, Sharptooth, Belmont, Sanction

Author's Pick: This is unfair to all the band's on this list, but Snowed In's lineup is amazing (and slightly confusing) which makes it the one to go to. I mean, Knocked Loose AND Hot Mulligan AND Belmont AND Knuckle Puck on the same bill?! Somebody pinch me, I'm dreaming.

4. The Grog Shop



Author's Pick: Well....there's not really a band to go against Bayside here, and that's totally fine because Bayside is an amazing band and they're playing a full set of acoustic songs. There's sure to be some deep cuts and crowd favorites done at this show, so you definitely won't want to miss it!

What concert are you most excited for?! Let me know!

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80 Nicki Minaj Lyrics Perfect For Instagram Captions

"Yo, you seen my last pic, go double-tap that for me."

Nicki Minaj lets the world know about her amazing Instagram skills in Beyonce's "Flawless," when she raps "Instagram another flawless pic." Do you have a #Flawless Instagram picture but need a clever caption to go with it? The Queen of Rap has plenty of Insta-worthy song lyrics.

*(Some lyrics have been edited to keep this article "PG". Feel free to look up the real Nicki Minaj lyrics if you hate the radio edit.)

When you want to diss a hater:

    1. "You couldn't get a fan if it was hangin' from the ceilin."
    2. "I'm throwing shade like it's sunny."
    3. "I'm in my own lane, you ain't in my category."
    4. "These (girls) couldn’t test me even if their name was Pop Quiz."
    5. "Yo, people will love you and support you when it's beneficial. I'ma forgive, I won't forget, but I'ma dead the issue."
    6. "Not that I don't got good vision, but I don't see competition."
    7. "I’m Angelina, you Jennifer. Come on (girl), you see where Brad at."
    8. "I look like "yes" and you look like "no"."
    9. "But if you're ugly it's a no text zone."
    10. "If you are my rival, then that means you're suicidal."
    11. "Shout out to my haters, Sorry that you couldn't faze me."
    12. "Trash talk to 'em then I put 'em in a Hefty."
    13. "Like I mean I don't even know why you girls bother at this point. Like give up, it's me, I win, you lose."
    14. "All these haters mad because I'm so established."
    15. "Competition? why yes I would love some."

When you want to tell people how awesome you are:

    16. "If I'm fake I ain't notice, cause my money ain't."
    17. "You can hate me, but why knock my hustle? I'ma be the queen, no matter how they shuffle."
    18. "Let me make this clear, I’m not difficult, I’m just ’bout my business."
    19. "I'm feelin' myself."
    20. "Excuse me honey, but nobody's in my lane."
    21. "Put me on a dollar cause I'm who they trust in."
    22. "I don’t say “Hi”, I say “Keys to the Benz.”"
    23. "I've been hot since flip phones" "Running this game for 5 years. Guess that's why my feet hurt."
    24. "Hotter than a middle eastern climate."
    25. "My money’s so tall that my Barbies gotta climb it."
    26. "No, I'm not lucky, I'm blessed, yes."
    27."I ain't gotta compete with a single soul."
    28. "'X' in the box, cause ain't nobody checking me."
    29."Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really such a lady."
    30. "Honestly I gotta stay as fly as I can be."

When you're hanging with your clique:

    31. "Cherish these nights, cherish these people. Life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel."
    32. "I’m with some hood girls lookin’ back at it."
    33. "We dope girls, we flawless. We the poster girls for all this."
    34. "Pretty gang, always keep them (boys) on geek."
    35. "The night is still young, and so are we!"
    36. "If you ain’t on the team, you playin’ for team D, ’Cause we A-listers, we paid sisters."
    37. "Pretty (girls) only could get in my posse."
    38. "Cause we the mean girls, y-yes we so fetch."
    39. "We fresh to death, down to the shoes."
    40. "Ain't at no wedding but all my girls cake tops."
    41. "Got a whole bunch of pretty gang in my clique."
    42. "Clap for the heavyweight champ, me, But I couldn't do it all alone, WE."
    43. "Put your drinks up, It's a celebration every time we link up."
    44. "I'm with some flawless (girls) because they be mobbin' pretty."

When you're hanging with your significant other:

    45. "He tryna kick it like a ninja."
    46. "He could tell that I was wifey material."
    47. "Ayo, I just wanna be your first go to."
    48. "You got spark, you, you got spunk. You, you got something all the girls want."
    49. Find me in the dark, I'll be in the stars, Find me in your heart, I'm in need of your love."
    50. "They holler at me, but it's you, you."
    51. "I'm not living right, I’m not living if you’re not by my side."
    52. "I just wanna be somebody that can add to, your wife, be a friend, be a teacher and a fan, too."
    53. "I just wanna be your favorite."
    54. "He was the realest, I was the baddest, we was the illest."
    55. "I know you can save me and make me feel alive."
    56. "Yes I'll be your girl, forever your lady, You ain't ever gotta worry, I'm down for you baby."
    57. "Baby you my everything, You all I ever wanted."

When you're single and loving it:

    58. "You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer!"
    59. "Thats why I'm crowned queen, and I ain't looking for the prom king."
    60. "I like independent, like July 4th."
    61. "I ain't never need a man, to take care of me."
    62. "He be like, "Yo, you so legendary", But he can tell just by my face he ain't getting any."
    63. "I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin."
    64. "I don't even brake when I'm backing up, I'll swerve on a (boy) if he acting up."
    65. "So many boys in here where do I begin?"

When you're just living life:

    66. "I never worry, life is a journey. I just wanna enjoy the ride."
    67. "Tonight is the night that I'ma get twisted."
    68. "I’mma keep it movin', be classy and graceful."
    69. "So make sure the stars is what you aim for, make mistakes though."
    70. "And we gon' hangover the next day. But we will remember this day."
    71. "My only motto in my life is don't lose."
    72. "Take me, or leave me, I'll never be perfect. Believe me, I'm worth it."
    73. "I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn't mean you're alive."
    74. "I wish that I could have this moment for life."
    75. "If I scream, if I cry, It's only 'cause I feel alive."
    76. "I can't believe it, it's so amazing. This club is heating, this party's blazing.""
    77. "It's so amazing, I figured out this world is ours for the taking."
    78. "I am not a girl that can ever be defined."
    79. "I got next, I'm gonna shine."
    80. "This is my moment I just feel so alive."

Cover Image Credit: Nicki Minaj

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Everything You Need To Know About The Fyre Festival Musical Disaster

A look at what happened in the Hulu and Netflix documentaries.


I first heard about Fyre right after it happened because a vlogger, Mark Dohner, posted it on his YouTube channel. He stated that he had considered going, but in the end, didn't. Now I haven't heard about this festival since then, so I was surprised to hear that Netflix and Hulu were both doing documentaries on this, more than a year after it happened

About two weeks ago, Netflix and Hulu almost simultaneously released different documentaries about the 2017 disaster that was Fyre Festival. For anyone who doesn't know, Fyre was supposed to be a grand music festival in Great Exuma, an island in the Bahamas, and was supposed to be the next Coachella. Tickets ran as much as a few hundred to a couple hundred thousand dollars and included food, a villa or luxury tent, and access to bands such as blink 182, G.O.O.D. Music, Major Lazer, and many more.

It took about six months to put the Fyre festival together. From the documentaries, it seemed like, in the beginning, all of their advertising was on Instagram. Pages would post the same orange photo and would either have the tag for the Frye page or it would be the promo video. The video featured various models, from Bella Hadid to Hailey Baldwin/Bieber, having a good time in the Bahamas. For people scrolling through their Instagram pages, seeing all of these orange posts and videos of what the festival was supposed to look and be like, of course, they sold out. Not only did they sell out, but they also sold more tickets than they had room.

During this time, they didn't have an island to hold the festival, because they were told to not have the festival on the original island from the promo video, didn't have enough villas to hold people, and had to build everything from scratch. In the Hulu documentary, it was touched on that this should have taken a year to a year and a half to do, but the festival was less than six months away. When it came time for the festival, it was a disaster. The luxury tents were old hurricane relief tents, there were no music acts, there wasn't much of anything. In the end, almost no one was paid for their work, and even the employees working at the festival weren't correctly paid.


While both of the documentaries are on the same topic, they're both slightly different. Hulu gave more of an overview and an interview Billy McFarland, the main man in charge, whereas Netflix seemed more in depth leading up to and the aftermath of the festival, as well as interviews with more people who took part of putting the festival together, including the residents of Great Exumas who helped. I thought it was interesting to hear about the festival from Billy's perspective, although it seemed like he was mostly defending himself. Both documentaries touched on how Billy continuously lied to his staff and investors about money. I liked the Netflix one slightly more, but they were both well done.

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