10 College Movies To Add To Your College Bucket List

10 Movies About College Every College Kid Needs To Watch BEFORE They Graduate

Time for a movie night!


I think we can all agree that most college movies don't come close to what actually happens in college, but that doesn't make them any less entertaining. But who knows, maybe you'll relate to one of the following movies more than you thought. There's nothing wrong with that. Since it's Hollywood, they can make these movies as crazy as they want, and as long as they're amusing, people will eat them up. Throw in a comedian like Seth Rogen or Melissa McCarthy, and you have a solid movie. Just make time for a movie night here and there and cross these movies off the list.

1. 'Total Frat Movie'

My friend stumbled upon this movie freshman year and said it was hilarious not more than five minutes in. So, now we watch it every year as a tradition. It follows a group of guys in a fraternity, but something happens at their first party of the year and it's disbanded. Then the rest of the movie follows these guys on their path to reinstate their brotherhood.

2. 'Neighbors' and 'Neighbors 2'

These movies are hilarious. The comedic quips between Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are to die for. When a fraternity house moves in next door to a new family, and after repeatedly telling them to be quiet, their feud turns to war. They're two exceptionally funny movies that you should definitely watch.

3. The 'Pitch Perfect' Trilogy

I love this series of movies. There was a year that I watched the first movie over 15 times. Sure, it kinda lost its charm with me, but it's still an excellent movie. Freshman Beca joins an a cappella group and has to deal with the ups and downs of female friendships. Then shit just goes down in the other two movies. But, in a good way. Entertaining movies for sure.

4. '22 Jump Street'

The sequel to "21 Jump Street" where Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill team up to take down drug dealers at a college. They're forced to blend in and act as college students without raising suspicion that they're undercover cops. It's a pretty wild movie, but hilarious.

5. 'Legally Blonde'

Elle Woods is a queen and a straight mood. After she is dumped by her loser boyfriend, she applies to Harvard and plans on becoming a lawyer against animal cruelty within the makeup industry. She slays at that school and gets to rub her successes in her ex's face. What a feminist icon.

6. 'Spring Breakers'

I have yet to see this movie, but it's on my Netflix list. When four college girls spend their time in a restaurant to fund their spring break trip, spend their time drinking, partying, and doing drugs, they're bound to get arrested. But being bailed out by an arms and drug dealer? Plot twist. The movie sounds crazy... crazy good.

7. 'Life of the Party'

This movie was released earlier this year and focuses around a middle-aged woman. When her husband asks for a divorce out of nowhere, she decides to go back to college to finish her degree. She just happens to go to the same school as her daughter and end up in the same class. She takes the year by storm with meeting frat boys, experiencing the freedom, and partying. It sounds like a fantastic movie.

8. 'The Roommate'

I watched this movie with my roommate last year, and this movie is insane. It's about two girls moving into their freshman dorm and one girl becomes obsessed with the other. She goes to extreme lengths to help this other girl out and make her life perfect. She even gets the same tattoo she has so that she can trick the girl's ex-boyfriend. It was a wild movie, but entertaining nonetheless.

9. 'Good Will Hunting'

I have seen parts of this movie but the parts I have seen, I have enjoyed. It follows an extremely intelligent man who chose to work as a janitor rather than take his brilliance elsewhere. But then he solves a graduate-level equation and is discovered by a professor who wants to help him reach his potential. Which I think has a good meaning for anybody.

10. 'The Blind Side'

This movie will bring you to tears, I'm calling it now. It's all about the coming up of Mississippi football player Michael Oher. Where his roots lay, how he was brought up and made into the man he is today. It's an emotional coming-of-age story that is a total crowd pleaser.

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