10 Fast Food Fries You NEED TO TRY In College, While Your Metabolism Still Exists
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10 Fast Food Fries You NEED TO TRY In College, While Your Metabolism Still Exists

Your 40-year-old self will thank you!

10 Fast Food Fries You NEED TO TRY In College, While Your Metabolism Still Exists

As I have mentioned many times in my articles, I am a BIG foodie. I like all sorts of food, but my three favorite foods are pizza, french fries, and anything in the dessert category.

I love all sorts of french fries, but my favorites are shoestring and curly fries. There are plenty of restaurants and fast-food joints with delicious french fries in the United States, but here are 10 of my favorites - you should definitely try these out if you haven't already!

1. Five Guys

The absolute best french fries in the world are sold at Five Guys. Unfortunately, I don't go there very often because they aren't vegetarian-friendly. But they will forever be my favorite place for flavorful, crispy, and salty fries!

2. Penn Station East Coast Subs

These fries are some of the tastiest and most delicious I have ever had. If you like Five Guys fries, you will like the ones from Penn Station East Coast Subs because they are so similar!

4. Arby's

I love curly fries! They are delicious, and Arby's curly fries are some of the best I have ever had!

5. Olga's Kitchen

As I've already said, I LOVE a good curly fry. While those at Olga's Kitchen aren't nearly as crispy and delicious as the ones from Arby's, they are still amazing enough to earn them 5th place!

6. McDonald's

I love the thinness of McDonald's fries. You get many in a container because they are so tiny. Since the fries are so thin, they can often be a little too soggy, however, which is why McDonald's is ranked at No. 6.

7. Sonic

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So tater tots are basically french fries in the shape of little round balls. For that reason, the salty Sonic tater tots will get 7th place in my ranking. I have only gotten to enjoy these once, but I would love to go back for more!

8. Burger King

While I love their new vegetarian Whopper, the french fries at Burger King taste a lot like french fries I can order from many locations. Of course, I will still order and enjoy these french fries, but they aren't ones I seek out specifically!

9. Taco Bell

I loved that Taco Bell attempted to branch out with nacho fries. Although I thought the fries they chose were a bit too thick for my liking, I liked that they combined them with nacho cheese sauce! The uniqueness of their fries is what lands Taco Bell in 9th place.

10. Wendy's

In my opinion, the french fries recipe for Wendy's seems to have gone downhill over the years. That being said, they are still delicious and salty french fries. They could not NOT make this list! The cool thing about Wendy's is that they offer french fries with many different toppings!

If you absolutely disagree with me on your favorite brand of french fries, that is totally okay! So long as you keep wanting to eat fries and purchasing them, restaurants will keep selling these delicious treats!

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