11 Artists BTS Should Collaborate With Like RN
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11 Artists BTS Should Collaborate With Like RN

We're all waiting for BTS x Zedd.

11 Artists BTS Should Collaborate With Like RN

Hello and welcome to approximately my 1,000th BTS article. With their recent single and collaboration with Halsey, "Boy With Luv" burning up the charts and breaking multiple records, the question lingers, who should BTS collaborate with next? As a group, the band has collaborated with Steve Aoki, Desiigner, Nicki Minaj, and The Chainsmokers. However, separately, the members have collaborated with an impressive list of artists as well, including, Fall Out Boy (RM), Wale (RM), Epik High (Suga), Suran (Suga), and Honne (RM), among countless others.

However, there are still so many great artists out there that'd I'd love to see all of BTS or even just one of the members collaborate with. Obviously, not every song or every album can be or contain a collaboration, but it is certainly fun when artists bring their styles together and create a song together.

1. Zedd

A BTS and Zedd collaboration has been hinted at numerous times with both artists showing interest and even meeting up whenever either is in the other's city! This is certainly a collaboration that is highly likely to happen and SOON. Zedd made a remix of BTS' single "Fake Love" and the DJ has talked enthusiastically about a collab with the band. The one thing that's certain is that whenever the song drops, it's going to be an instant hit.

2. Sunmi

It's well known that fellow K-pop star Sunmi is good friends with BTS (her and BTS member J-Hope were even label mates for a short time!), but there hasn't been any talk of a collaboration. However, I think their styles would compliment each other nicely, as both of their songs often contain socially conscious themes and both are dominating the charts. I think this collab could be absolutely epic and would bring together already complimentary styles.

3. Shawn Mendes

Ever since BTS first met Shawn Mendes there has been talk of a collaboration. While both BTS and Mendes have both supported the idea, and I think their writing styles would mesh well. I think this might be a collab that would work best as a duet, especially with one of the vocalists of BTS. However, I know no matter how they decided to work it, this song will be beautiful and stay true to both artists.

4. Little Mix

British girl group, Little Mix, is no stranger to epic collabs and I could see a collaboration between BTS and Little Mix working well. It might be complicated because of BTS' seven members and Little Mix's four, but I'm confident they could make it work. I mean, just imagine a Little Mix and J-Hope collab. I'm already smelling a bop.

5. IU

For any BTS fans, you'll know that BTS' Jungkook would absolutely love this idea. He's a huge fan of IU and I think it would be amazing if they got the chance to work together. While IU seems focused on acting at the moment with her new Netflix short film series, Persona (yes, the same title as the recent BTS album). I think this collab would be surprising, but entirely welcome.

6. Ed Sheeran

Okay, so this technically already happened because Ed has a writing credit on BTS' song "Make It Right" from their latest album, "Map of the Soul: Persona". This collaboration was teased late last year in a Twitter post from BTS member Suga, but because Ed Sheeran is pretty much my favorite artist of all time, I'd love to see a song where he lends his vocals as well. While I'm already ecstatic to see two of my favorite artists working together, I can't help but want to see what else Ed and BTS could cook up.

7. Panic! at the Disco

BTS' RM has already collaborated with Fall Out Boy on a remix of their song "Champion" and seeing how well that worked out, I can only think about how BTS and Brendon Urie would work well together. While I have no ideas for how this would work, I only know that I would love it.

8. TXT

Considering TXT and BTS are label mates, it's almost certain that something of this sort will happen at one point, even if it's just a cover or small performance together. TXT just debuted this year and the interactions between them and their seniors, BTS, have already caused their respective fanbases to swoon. Even if one member from each group do something together, I think this is one collab that will happen.

9. Camila Cabello

BTS have proven multiple times to be huge fans of Camila Cabello from singing "Havana" on the red carpet to RM claiming that she's his celebrity crush, a collaboration between these two pop superstars would be epic. Camila has proven the love to mutual by following the BTS Twitter account (and even a few fan accounts) and hanging out with the band at award shows.

10. Kelsea Ballerini

BTS is already known for pushing genre boundaries and I think it would be great to see the band collaborate with a country artist, Kelsea Ballerini. Ballerini has already crossed over into pop and I think this would be unlikely, but amazing collab.

11. Troye Sivan

Again, this is another collaboration where both parties are interested and already fans of each other. While the interested has mainly been shown through interviews and Twitter interactions, a Troye Sivan and BTS collab would certainly mesh well and I could see this being a major hit. We'll just have to wait and see.

Whether or not these collaborations come to fruition, there's no doubt that whoever BTS collaborates with that it will be amazing and compliment both artists.

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