12 BookTubers You, A Bookworm, Should Subscribe To ASAP
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12 BookTubers You, A Bookworm, Should Subscribe To ASAP

Cause we all need to add more to our TBR piles, TBH.

12 BookTubers You, A Bookworm, Should Subscribe To ASAP

Last year, I wrote an article on educational YouTubers that deserve being subscribed to. However, for the reader in all of us, there's a small (but growing!) community of "BookTubers" or people who make book and reading related content on YouTube.

These creators do everything from book run downs, 24-Hour Read-a-thons, book recommendations, bookshelf tours, and even character related videos (talking about their favorite ships, characters, etc.) BookTubers offer a lot of great content that doesn't get enough recognition.

Here are 12 of the best BookTubers who deserve your subscription.

1. PeruseProject

PeruseProject aka Regan was the first BookTuber I discovered and subscribed to. Her favorite genres are YA Fantasy and Adult Fantasy, and I have found some of my favorite YA fantasy books from her channel. Regan also has a vlog channel and does videos wither her boyfriend (such as giving him his own TBR list for the year).

2. jessethereader

jessethereader is one of the few guys on the BookTube market and his bubbly and fun personality makes his videos fun to watch even if you're not a reader. His passion for books is evident, but he is still honest in his critiques and reviews of books.

3. readbyzoe

readbyzoe caught my eye because she recommended a book I think is underrated. Her reading taste is eclectic and she is someone you can't help but be charmed by. She also frequently does collaborations with other BookTubers and all of her videos have a fun feel.

4. ProblemsofaBookNerd

ProblemsofaBookNerd aka CeCe is the woke book nerd you didn't know you needed. She isn't afraid to point out problematic elements in books or authors and recommends books by and about the LGBT community, POC, and the disability community. She's a great way to learn how to bring some diversity onto your bookshelf and to know which books to start with.

5. emmmabooks

emmmabooks is a scathingly honest BookTuber who isn't afraid to give her honest opinion and puts her honest self out there. Not only is her makeup always on point, but so are her videos and recommendations. She is also honest about how publishers and BookTubers work together with sponsorship and also has some other vlog type videos as well.

6. Clau Reads Books

Clau Reads Books is a Spanish language BookTuber with nearly half a million subscribers. Whether you speak Spanish or not, her channel is a great look into the Spanish language book market and can help you brush up on your Spanish. However, if you do speak Spanish, this is a great way to find Spanish language books.

7. A Clockwork Reader

A Clockwork Reader aka Hannah is a bubbly BookTuber who makes frequent videos and is great for recommendations in all genres. Her reviews are long and thorough and leave with either a strong desire to read a book or knowing a book is simply not for you.

8. Hailey In Bookland

Hailey In Bookland makes fun and relateable videos that will get you addicted easily. Not only does she have the typical book and book review type videos, but she also posts videos on writing and tips on how to read more. Her channel is fun and her taste is slightly different from many other BookTubers.

9. Tashapolis

Tashapolis aka Natasha is a self-professed fangirl which makes her videos enthusiastic and passionate. Her videos aren't limited to book-related content, but she also has made personal videos and fashion videos (specifically focused on plus size fashion). She isn't shy to put herself out there which makes each video fun to watch.

10. Margot Wood (Epic Reads)

Margot Wood still has quite a small channel with just over 11,000 subscribers, but you may know her from the Epic Reads YouTube channel as well. Since her channel is just getting started, there aren't a ton of videos, but Margot's expertise certainly makes up for it. Margot is also working on her own book which offers an interesting perspective on the books she reviews.

11. LilyCReads

LilyCReads isn't the biggest or most active BookTuber out there, but watching her videos you'll understand why the Aussie is beloved by her subscribers. She wen viral with a video called "Shit Books I Hate" (which is no longer public on her channel) that offered a scathing review of some popular books. This cynical and brutally honest style isn't typical for BookTube, and made Lily a sensation.

12. itsdivya

itsdivya isn't necessarily a "BookTuber" but she makes a lot of book-related content. However, many of her book-related videos are about cover design and about book tropes she dislikes. She is hilarious and honest that makes her videos just as fun to watch.

13. NayaReadsandSmiles

NayaReadsandSmiles is a young BookTuber who has been making videos since high school. She is a writer as well as a reader and all of her videos are full of great reads, and well, smiles.

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