5 Best Places To Buy School Essentials

Well, well, well. It's that time of year again, isn't it?

1. Target

This one is an obvious one! Target has all your school shopping list needs ready to be picked up and placed in those cute red baskets. Try to go to your local Target store on an "off day" like Wednesday to get the best pick of supplies. Lines tend to be shorter and there won't be that much of rush to get cross everything off the list. Best item: any type of bedding or decor for the dorm room can be found here at a reasonable price.

2. Amazon

Prime, free shipping, endless options. Amazon is the best when it comes to getting those last minute items on your list. Take advantage of their student prime offer and get six months of prime for free! Best item: textbooks. You won't regret it!

3. Walmart

Walmart Store Front

Walmart is great for getting actual supplies like notebooks, pens, etc. Affordable prices and there are always sales going on like 90 cents for a notebook or a pack of pens. Best item: Bic pens and pencils

4. Costco/BJ's

This a great place to buy in bulk. Stock up on food such late night snacks and your endless supply of water bottles. Or you could save even more and get a Brita filter to save even more money on water bottles (and help the environment). Best item: everything. Seriously best place to shop for food when it comes to school shopping.

5. Your own home

You could probably resuse those old notebooks that have only been used once. Your house is probably filled with supplies or items that can be used again and again. There's no need to buy something new, when you can re-use the same item again.

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