Benefits Of Summer Reading

This summer, I decided to read more. Being a writer, I should read more, but during the school year I just don't have the time. Instead of reading contemporary novels or classics, most college students are stuck with textbooks for their own displeasure. I am glad to say that I have started reading more often this summer and I think you should too.

1. It's good for you

Don't you remember your teachers saying that reading is good for your mind? "You might learn something if you're not careful," that kind of thing. It's funny that our teachers were right about something. Not only is reading enjoyable, but it also keeps you sharp. You learn new words, explore new perspectives, and are transported to new worlds. I know I sound like some children's author trying to get people excited about it but I forgot how good it is to read a book. Instead of watching TV or Netflix, I say pick up a book. It's better than just sitting and observing. You use your imagination while reading and it's much better for your mind than watching Orange is the New Black (despite it being a good show and all). It's easy to just be lazy and let your mind wander all summer long but I think investing in your mind is a safe bet, especially when the fall semester comes around and you forgot most of what you learned in the spring.

2. Flights and Road trips

If you're traveling this summer by car or plane, bring a book with you. On airplanes you really can't talk with anyone and on road trips everyone stops talking after the first half hour so you will have plenty of time to read. The movie they'll play on the plane is going to be mediocre at best so get as comfortable as you can in that chair and turn some pages. It's also a really good way to pass the time and you'll feel more refreshed than you will by taking a nap on a plane or in a car.

3. Reading Outdoors

I may burn like a lobster but for those who don't reading is a great way to pass the time as you get a tan. You can stick your feet in the sand at the beach. You can read while camping. You can't really watch Netflix outdoors. I mean, the wifi might not be great and you'd just look like a weirdo. So grab a book and enjoy the weather. It'll be gone before you know it.

This summer I have a lot of time on my hands so I'm trying to do as much as I can and make it worth it. I've learned that reading is a nice little hobby that I can do whenever I like. I'm not exactly a book worm but I appreciate literature because it's really a new way to learn but without the lecture and the headache. I hope you learn to enjoy reading as I have and hopefully I can stick with it during the school year as well.

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