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10 Superficial Reasons Not To Be Single

Multiple miscellaneous reasons as to why you might need a significant other.

10 Superficial Reasons Not To Be Single

If you're like me, then you do not mind being single in today's society. I find being single at this age and time, to be liberating. There are less emotional barriers and more occupational opportunities. However, there are moments when I just wish I had a girlfriend for the silliest reasons. Though there are the obvious reasons that we know of, there are some that we do not think about as much.

1. To lotion your back

I cannot tell you how often I wish I had a girlfriend to lotion my back. I hate that I cannot reach it, and I feel that the midsection of my back is just always dry.

2. To tell you about your clothes

This is key. I tend to have a unique style and I am often confident in that style. But it would just be icing on the cake if I had a girlfriend to consistently approve of my choice of clothing for the day.

3. To watch TV with

I am a huge TV Lover, and sometimes I wish I had someone watching the shows with me as I watch them. To be honest, I am sometimes with someone. But it would be cool to sort of have someone who is ready and willing to just watch some tv shows with me. And I am a very detailed-oriented watcher, so I would love the commercial or post-show conversation that she and I could have in depth.

4. To try new things with

I am all about trying new things, but I cannot lie that I prefer some of the things that I am already used to. I am more willing to try something new or take a risk if I am doing it with someone. I like the idea of a novelty experience being shared between two people. I sort of get to say, "We tried that together."

5. To baby you

I am sure some women just rolled their eyes, but hear me out. I like to believe that I am a mature adult, and I do things that are adult-like. But there are brief moments when I just want to be babied. I just want a girl to just hold me, and let me lay in her lap for a moment. It is comforting and relaxing for me.

6. To work out with

Now I often exercise by myself, but I think it would be fun to exercise with a girlfriend. We could challenge each other, and support each other. I even hypothesize that I would be more fit if I were not single.

7. To hold your stuff

The women I tend to hang around with often have bags or purses. When my keys are stabbing me in my jean pocket, it would be great to put it in some place safe and with someone I trust. I probably should also not have so many keys.

8. To read minds

Hear me out. I love the idea of a woman I am with signaling to me with her face about what she is thinking, especially when we are in a group setting. It is funny to me, and it demonstrates how well we know each other. It could even be an inside joke, that no one else knows.

9. To sing & dance with you

In my apartment and in my car, I am either singing or dancing or both. I love doing it. I adore music a lot, so expressing that adoration is natural to me. But there are times where I wish I had a dancing partner or another singer to do a duet with. I think I would have a lot of fun.

10. To check you

This one is a bit less superficial, but I like a woman who can let me know whether they think I indirectly did or said something wrong. When you are alone too much, you can lose your sense of perspective, and I never want to lose that. And I think having someone who wants you to be the best you, is the coolest thing ever.

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