As I sit here on this lovely and long Sunday evening, I realized that sometimes it's okay, maybe even better, to not go out one weekend. College is the only time in your life where it's acceptable to make some mistakes and live it up for these four years. However, we've all had those mornings which make us rethink those nights out.

So here are my 17 pros of girls (or guy, or co-ed !!) night in.

1. You don't have to do your makeup. 

2. Less Laundry.

Only one outfit that day = less dirty clothes

3. You'll be able to function the next morning.

4. A good night sleep.

5. Always fun to just laugh and hang out with friends.

6. You get to watch a good movie (or TV show, or music, or whatever). 

7. There will most likely be snacks. 

8. You can wear your pajamas. 

9. There may be face masks. 

10. This is when all the best inside jokes are made. 

11. The Snapchats from these nights are always the best.

12. You can catch up on work. 

13. You can clean your room. 

Or at least not have it get messier…

14. There's no better feeling than being curled up in a fuzzy blanket relaxing in bed. 

*bring on the Netflix*

15. You can facetime family and friends.

16. There's a lot less drama.

17. No battle wounds to attend to in the morning.