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Before I get started, I have a disclaimer. I'm NOT in a relationship. I'm not about to be in one, either, and I don't plan on being in one anytime soon. However, if you've ever been within a ten-foot radius of me, you know I'm a hopeless romantic. I used to be obsessed with finding the right person for me, and my whole life felt like it was on pause I finally met the One. However, after a recent relationship failed (and left me very, very sad), I came to a realization: I needed to regroup. You can't pour from an empty cup, and I had given all the love I had in myself to the wrong people. It's not that they didn't deserve it, they just weren't the right people for me. (And some of them honestly didn't deserve it, but that's another story.) I realized it was time to learn how to be happy on my own, and stop living life constantly in a waiting stage for someone to come "save me." It's still a work in progress, but it is nice to do what's best for myself for once, rather than what might be best for a relationship that's most likely temporary in nature. My point is, I'm extremely single, so I get it. It can be hard having romance shoved down your throat by the media on a daily basis while you're just trying to live your best, independent life. That said, I'm here to remind you guys of some of the best parts of being single that should be appreciated before the Right One comes along for you.

Reason One: Your sleep schedule is YOURS.

We've all been there: you meet someone REALLY cute, and they also seem to think you're cute enough to stay up until the late hours of the night talking to. It's exciting and fun, sure, but wouldn't some small part of you rather be curled up in bed binge-watching your favorite show, reading your favorite book, and getting to bed on time? Good news… You're single, so you can go to bed whenever you want, without having to worry you'll miss an opportunity to flirt with your significant other. Not only are you having the time of your life, but you're taking care of yourself, and your tired brain and body will both thank you. SO much.

Reason Two: You can flirt with no repercussions.

I'm not saying you should lead anyone on just for the fun of it, but if that cute barista is hitting on you, or the guy at the party is checking you out, what's stopping you from flirting back for kicks and giggles? (The answer: Nothing! You're single, the world is your oyster!)

Reason Three: You have more money to spend on yourself.

No more worrying about birthday gifts, picking up the check on your next date, or spending money on the perfect outfit for a night out with your plus one. Bath and Body Works is having a sale and you want to break the bank? Go crazy, you don't have a financial responsibility to anyone but yourself! (Please spend responsibly, though.)

Reason Four: You create your own schedule!

Sometimes, when you're in a relationship, you have to really work to make time for your significant other. While dates and time spent together can be nice, sometimes, it's just another added load of stress on top of everything you have to deal with in every other aspect of your life. When you're single, you can schedule your free time around what (and who) you want, because you won't be obligated to hang out with anyone like you would be if you were cuffed!

Reason Five: Being single strengthens your relationship with your friends.

Another disclaimer: just because you're in a relationship, it doesn't mean you have to ditch your friends. That being said, relationships can take some of the focus off of your besties. When you're single, you have time and energy to spend on taking your platonic relationships to the next level, which is so rewarding and wonderful. Friends are forever, and most relationships… aren't.

Reason Six: You learn how to be alone with yourself, and have fun doing it!

Being single sometimes means you have to spend some time by yourself when you would be going out on dates or staying the night at your s/o's place. Using this time to learn how to enjoy your own company is actually extremely valuable, and it makes being lonely less of a lonely feeling.

Reason Seven: You have more time for hobbies!

Relationships take up a LOT of free time. When you're single and have more free time, you can use that free time and pick up an instrument, take up exercising, or learning how to paint! The options really are limitless, and suddenly, your free time will seem wonderfully limitless as well.

Reason Eight: Your pet won't get lonely when you leave the house for a date.

Every time I left the house for a date with my ex, my dog would stare at me as I walked out the door, and the look in her eyes would literally break my heart more than any breakup ever will. When you're single, you won't have to go through this form of heartbreak every single time you leave your fur baby for your boo. You'd secretly rather be at home with them, anyways.

Reason Nine: Self-love becomes your number one priority.

We're getting a little more serious now. Sometimes, when the person who was one of the main sources of love and adoration in your life is all of a sudden not there anymore, it's extremely important you learn to replace that affection with an overwhelming amount of self-love. It's easier said than done, but in the end, you are only guaranteed to have yourself. It's important that you don't feel stuck with yourself, and instead, learn to love yourself. You know yourself the best, so wouldn't it make sense that you could be the only person to love yourself the most?

Reason Ten: You get to discover yourself, and grow as your own person.

Alone time means a lot of time to think. While healthy relationships help us grow, self-reflection and awareness, as well as individual growth, are so important to become the best version of yourself. When you find yourself alone after a relationship, the best thing you can do for yourself is take a moment to find yourself, as sometimes, we do tend to get lost in a relationship. When you find yourself, that is when you will begin to grow and bloom into the person you were always meant to be, and I promise, the person you are becoming is worth taking a moment to discover.

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