Remember when you were in middle school and you started to develop "real" feelings for the first time? The butterflies in your stomach, the utter loss of words when they approached, the pure excitement of telling your best friends. Back then it felt simpler, but even today as a young adult those crushes are still just as exciting.

Those cliche movie moments of you and your closest friends sitting around someone's dorm room and gossiping about boys are going to be the moments you remember years from now. While college is about getting an education, it's also the experience. Years later your friends will still remind you of that weird guy from junior year, the scheming that went into the perfect first date and everything in between. They aren't going to bring up the test you failed, or the all-nighter you pulled to finish a big paper.

While those nights spent endlessly talking about boys easily turn into the best nights at college, unfortunately, emotions can still be weird. Some crushes turn into a new relationship, while others are better left just a crush. Sometimes it's the rebound crush which could be the most difficult to manage.

Rebound crushes are the people you fall for after something else doesn't go according to plan.

Urban Dictionary

While technically anyone can have a rebound crush, they're much more common for the person who got rejected or dumped. They're different than a plain old rebound. Rebounds are a once and done and you move on, but the rebound crush is the first person you develop feelings for afterward.

Does a rebound crush eventually lead to a relationship? Well, that's a pretty loaded question. The point of the crush isn't to jump right into a new relationship. Not that rebounds are bad, according to Dr. Treger the professor of my Social Psychology class (TAKE PSY 274!) rebounds are actually extremely healthy.

The difference with a rebound crush is that is shows you're moving on.

Breakups suck. Even if it's for the best they aren't easy. Trying to manage your emotions and figure out where to go is never an easy process. Finally opening up your heart again and realizing you're ready isn't a bad thing. I believe it shows that your healing and finally ready to look for love again.

I also believe it would be crazy to assume that your rebound crush is going to lead to this rom-com perfect romance. That's not the point. It supposed to show you're finally moving on from your ex and take you back to that day in middle school when the cute boy smiled at you across from the cafeteria.