Racism, hatred, and ignorance is relevant and probably will always be relevant. We can jump through hoops and overcome mountains of diversity, but no matter what we do, something happens that sparks the world and divides countries. As a country, we have been battling with this since the beginning of America when Europeans came and tried to take ownership of something that wasn’t theirs. This was continued on with the illusion that only one race could be superior. And as time went on it not only was about racism, but it was about differences. Rather it is a disability, a sexual preference, religious belief, or simply not conforming to society standards. There is always some hatred towards someone being different.

I think we have forgotten that each human being on this planet is simple flesh and bones. That at the end of the day, we are all trying for the same things. To live our life, reach our goals, and simply to survive. People spend too much focus on what is on the outside that they forget we are one: human. Differences are just what makes each person unique. Differences help us identify who we are. Differences helps us know where are roots are. Differences should not be defined with hatred. We have come too far as a human race to be going two steps back because of the color of someone’s skin, a disability, a sexual preferences, a ethnic background, or someone’s religion.

Everyone is worthy to their own opinion. I understand that. After all, the freedom of speech reigns here in the United States. BUT, violence and hatred is never the answer. We’ve seen hatred towards one race in history, we've seen mocking of disabilities on social media, and we have seen hatred starting with bullying in schools. People will say that they don’t want to be told to accept everyone as who they are. Which is okay. I’m not here to say don’t believe in what you believe. By all means, believe what you think is right. Because this is what I believe, that all human beings are that. Human beings. That we are different and that is okay. But for those who cannot accept every single race, sexual preference, religion, disability and overall difference, just accept that people are different and always will be.

Acceptance and love. This is what we need more of. Just accept that people can be different from your standards that you believe in. Accept that they are human just like you. Accept that the person standing next to you does not need to be the same as you. Accept that one certain person should not stand lower to you because of where they were born or who they are. Loving more and hating less towards each other needs to start now more than ever. Sharing kindness for those who need it instead of hating on differences. Love can go farther if we just let it. With open minds and open hearts we can reach out to those around us.

We all come from different backgrounds and are raised up to be individuals that can take the world in our own hands. We develop our own beliefs and opinions through experiences. Individuality should be different and it should be unique. We should not be blinded by the fact that differences are bad. Differences are what make us who we are. After all, if we were all the same, what would be so great about the human race. Being open to new experiences and differences can expand the love for all. Instead of judging someone by who they are on the outside, get to know the person as a human being and as an individual. Instead of categorizing and stereotyping, leave your heart open. I’m not saying don’t be who you are. Live your life how you want to. But don’t be afraid to get to know the person standing next to you no matter what they may seem to be on the outside. Let's go back to what we are taught as children with not judging a book by it’s cover. At the end of the day, we are all human beings no matter what our differences may be.