Being a Waitor/Waitress, As Told by Orange is the New Black
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Being a Waitor/Waitress, As Told by Orange is the New Black

Server is the new servant.

Being a Waitor/Waitress, As Told by Orange is the New Black

I work as a barista/waitress at a small, family-owned cafe on Shelter Island, called Stars Cafe, where I have been working for now my second summer. Serving the Hamptons-y crowd comes with things you would expect: demanding customers, bad tippers, and people who expect Manhattan-paced service with a line out the door.

Working in this kind of setting also allows me to build friendships, not only with other employees and the owners, but also with returning customers. Although sometimes work can be frustrating or stressful, the laughable moments make up for it.

For ever single rude customer, there are five more kind and appreciative customers who make us happy to do our jobs.

Whether you are a server at a restaurant, cafe, or whatever setting, we all have experienced our fair share of unforgettable moments with customers. In foodservice we get it all: bad tippers, rude people, and sometimes high stress.

Here are some moments that all waiters or waitresses have experienced!

1. Making a joke to customers and no one laughs.

2. A party of 10 asks why their order is taking so long...

... five minutes after ordering.

3. A $1 tip for a $30 order.

Gee, thanks.

4. "Here's an extra tip because you're so cute!"

5. When someone leaves you a hefty tip.

6. You want bacon on your burger? Sure, but that will cost extra.

Ohhhh, you don't want to pay for it, but you still would like it...?

7. Trying not to laugh at customers' ridiculous questions.

My personal favorites:

"Is there steak in the steak burrito?"

"What kind of meat is in the chicken vegetable soup?"

"Is small coffee is the smallest cup, right?"

8. When customers keep asking you to bring them things from the kitchen, every time you come back, so you wind up making seven trips to the table.

Although customers can sometimes suck, and working all day on your feet isn't fun, at least we work with our second family to share these memorable moments with!

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