3 Reasons Being A Vegan Is The Best

3 Reasons Being A Vegan Is The Best

Becoming completely plant-based has changed my life for the better.


Since the beginning of 2018, I had continuously not felt right every single day. Every time I ate any food, my stomach would extremely hurt and cramp up. Additionally, I had experienced multiple digestive issues. I had no idea what was wrong, because all of my life I had never had any food allergies, and rarely encountered problems when I ate. I needed to get to the bottom of this.

So, I started by not eating red meat anymore. This helped, but I still did not feel right. After having friends who were on vegan diets and seeing multiple Instagram pages with vegan recipes, I took a risk and gave it a try in late October 2018! Being a vegan means you do not consume anything that has come from an animal's body. With that being said, you can only eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts/seeds, soy products, etc. I gave up all dairy and meat from my diet. It was hard, because I love cheese, chocolate milk, and other treats. Now, there may be other versions of a vegan diet that others use, but what matters most is that I feel overwhelmingly less troubled! This diet is amazing and one of the best decisions I have ever made! I highly recommend becoming plant-based to anyone who may be looking to switch things up, or also experiences stomach issues!

Here are three reasons why I am so passionate about being a vegan!

1. You physically feel so much better.

By getting rid of dairy (which is a culprit of many stomach issues) and meat, I feel amazing. My skin is clearer, I have more energy, and my stomach feels better! Fun fact: I do take Vitamin D and Vitamin B supplements because I am missing out on those by choosing not to eat dairy or meat!

2. Animals are friends, not food!


I am an animal lover. From having pets growing up, I strongly believe that animals deserve to have a life and not be eaten! They are so adorable.

3. A vegan diet is very sustainable for our earth.


Mother Earth is such a beauty! A vegan diet helps our earth from becoming harmed. It creates green gasses in the air, helps with energy efficiency, and improves our land. How amazing!

Overall, I get made fun of sometimes by my friends or my peers for being vegan. Some of them even like to eat a few burgers right in front of my face out of spite! I do not let it bother me, because being vegan is the best. There are so many recipes out there and I am doing this for me! I hope I inspire other people to consider this beautiful diet that has made my well-being that much better.

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How To Order Vegan Like A Boss At Dutch Bros.

Coffee is a plant. And plant eaters need their fix, too.

Recently, at my local Dutch Brothers Coffee stand (shoutout to Monmouth Dutch Bros.!) they put up a sign with allergen information, to make it easier for the gluten, soy, and lactose intolerant.

Not only is this considerate as all get out, it also makes it immensely easier to order as someone who eats a plant-based diet.

Which is just the most obnoxious way of saying that I'm a vegan.

Now that this information is available at stands, it's much easier for my fellow herbivores to make delicious new combos without worrying about accidentally ingesting milk or eggs. But I'll make it even easier: here are my favorite vegan orders at Dutch.

1. Mochas

The chocolate sauce is dairy free! Rejoice! Flavored mochas are so creamy and delicious... Especially with coconut milk (it has the most fat content of their alternative milks).

Here are a few of my favorites:

"Grasshopper" (dark chocolate and creme de menthe)

"Double Torture" (vanilla mocha with two extra shots)

"Black Forest" (dark chocolate and cherry)

And last, there's no name for this one, but an English Toffee Mocha is to die for.

2. Iced teas

As long as you avoid the occasional special with white chocolate thrown in, you should be good here. However, they can be quite sweet and if you're like me, that's not ideal.

In general, my tip is to order half sweet, but here are my two favorite, less sickly sweet orders:

A plain, pink grapefruit green tea

"Ray of Sunshine" (blackberry, peach, and grapefruit)

3. Lattes

Now, with no sauce (chocolate, caramel or otherwise) these will be less creamy, but also less sweet! If that's your dig, here you go:

"Nutty Irishman" (Irish cream and hazelnut)

"Amaretto" (almond and cherry)

"Islander" (chocolate macadamia nut, vanilla, and coconut)

4. Chai

Now, this is where it gets tricky. If you believe honey is vegan, then you're good to go; if you're not on the honey train, then chai is a no-go for you.

But for those who love themselves some bee-juice, I have two words for you: dirty chai. (A chai with espresso shots tossed in.)

It's a plain and simple drink you can get anywhere and adds no sugary syrup. Frankly, the Dutch chai is sweet enough, you really don't need any flavors added. However, I find that I do need the added espresso shots to balance it out. Plus, you get that added caffeine kick, and who doesn't love that?

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for next visit, so you can do more than the (very safe) soy vanilla latte. Go forth and caffeinate!

Cover Image Credit: Monmouth Dutch Bros. | Instagram

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4 Triggering Questions Vegetarians Don't Want to Be Asked

Please, just don't ask me this.


One time my older brother asked me if I cared about plants feelings. Before I could mumble out "yo Jack WTF," he insisted that I care about animals and don't want to kill them, but it's still wrong that I'm killing a carrot. I understand this since vegetables are grown, but I feel as though killing a tomato is different than killing a pig. Is this just me?

I've also had strangers (not many, thankfully) tell me that my individual impact can't make an overall difference in the environment. I feel as though it is rude and discouraging when people try to tell me stuff like that, but then I think about the benefits to my health that this vegetarian lifestyle has brought. As I said, I'm not trying to convince you to become a vegetarian.

These are questions to avoid when talking to a plant-based person about their lifestyle and diet. Don't forget that vegetarians and vegans, and anyone else on any type of diet, are people too! I wanted to create this article to highlight the phrases to avoid when talking about a plant-based diet. I have been a vegetarian for over four years now, and I don't try to force my viewpoints on my friends or peers. I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and therefore my diet should influence anyone else's.

1. “You don't eat meat? But, like, bacon is so good!”

First of all, I'm not trying to tell you why I don't like bacon. I'm just saying that I choose not to eat that, and it doesn't mean that I want you to change my mind. It's cool that you eat bacon, but that doesn't mean that I should have to eat it too.

2. "Wow, you're strong, I could never do something that."

Listen, buddy. I don't need your praise for not eating meat. In fact, I probably didn't even bring up the fact that I'm a vegetarian, and so I don't need your kudos. This is something I choose to do for my health and for animals, not because I need you to gas me up.

3. "Okay, but if you don't eat meat or fish then like, what do you eat?"

I don't know, how about something that has grown from the ground? Or something that isn't from milk or cheese? Sometimes we forget about natural and organic foods, and that not everything needs to be processed. Obviously, I eat snacks like Doritos and pizza rolls, but it's also about eating natural foods like leafy greens and sweet potatoes too.

4.  "Why don't you eat meat?"

This could be a personal thing, but I don't feel comfortable when people ask the reason for my vegetarianism. To be honest, there's not one specific reason and I also don't feel like listing all my reasons. I'm not trying to convert you, I'm just trying to avoid eating animals.

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