Have you ever felt that you had to face your problems alone because no one is there for you? How about when you need someone, but no one wants to be there to help? Maybe you find yourself always helping others because you have a big heart. Some people just don’t know that they are being used by others. It doesn’t happen all the time with every person you encounter, but they always come around if they need something or if something is beneficial to them. Some of us fail to see the changes in a person after they have been used too many times.

I, like every one of you, have been used. Honestly, I’ve been used a lot. If we are the ones being used, sometimes we don’t see the changes in ourselves. We try to think that we are having a big heart and helping everyone out that needs it. Sometimes, we just need to let them do it themselves. I know it’s hard to say and do that. It is one of those things that is easier said than done.

Being used changes all people in different ways. Personally, I became more of a “lone wolf” as some may say, or I keep to a small group of friends. I have also become more cautious and wary of people. Other people may become more aggressive when they feel that they are being used. Some find excuses to not help you because of that reason. Many people become distant and don’t talk to others. If they do talk to others, it’s people that they feel they can trust or ones that have always been there for them when they needed someone.

I completely understand, being used changes a person. Determining whether it changes you for the better or worse is a decision that you need to make by yourself. Are you going to let one person make you a completely different individual than you were before? You shouldn’t have to make major changes to yourself; instead of surrounding yourself with people that have a negative effect on your life, surround yourself with people have a positive effect. People who appreciate you will be there for you all the time, no matter what. Small changes are good, but do not drastically change who you are to accommodate to a person who doesn’t deserve your time. If they only want your attention because it is beneficial to them, they do not deserve a person like you.