I am the first born out of seven kids. My family includes six girls and one boy. The names of my siblings, from oldest to youngest, are Ty (17), Cassidy (15), Summer (14), Jordyn Claire (11), Presley (7), and Hope McKenzie (1). Being the oldest of my six younger siblings who also look up to me as their role model is not a walk in the park by no means. As I have grown to be the person I am today I have realized some things about becoming a big sister to so many kids and I've learned a lot from my extravagant family.

First: Set a good example.

Whether you know it or not someone of any age is always looking up to you and saying things to their selves about how they wish to have a trait or character like yours. So always make sure you can control the words and actions that you are portraying. Paying attention to the music you listen to, not only around others but by yourself as well, can be a great start to a good role model. What you say to your parents and having an attitude with them or not can change how your younger siblings respect your parents, it can even affect how they treat all adults.

Second: There's never a dull moment.

At the Watkins household, it is not quiet until everyone is in bed and dead asleep. But honestly, and I would probably never admit this to my family, it's the best thing in the world to always have something to talk about or all the loud and weird noises that the kids make. If my house was quiet during the day I would probably think the rapture is coming. I have the most outgoing and loving family. My family is fun to be around, even though I am always begging for a break away from them.

Third: You will always be the babysitter.

When mom and dad do get a break from us I usually the babysitter, which really isn't as bad as you think. We have dance parties and we karaoke, hide-n-seek, so pretty much any game you can think of.

Fourth: You will probably grow up faster than you expected.

I would definitely say that I matured a lot faster than most people in my grade. Just because I did have to take care of my siblings and help them grow up to become a great friend and a leader. The minute that I turned sixteen I had to drive my siblings anywhere they pleased. If they had practice, I would be the one to take them and if they wanted to go to the pool, I was once again the one to take them. I try to go to all their sports events and their programs, which are very adorable and enjoyable.

Fifth: Having a clean house is a struggle.

Having seven kids and two adults you would think the house would be easy to keep clean but newsflash its not. Having this many people in one house is a struggle to keep anything clean, but when we all pitch in it doesn't take very long to clean. Most of the time my things go missing such as socks, shoes, clothes, chargers, literally, almost everything gets lost, but if you walk across the hall and look in Cassidy's room it's most likely there on her floor. I guess that's just one of the most valuable and also anger-able things you have to go through being the oldest!