Don't get me wrong, I love my little sisters, I would die for them. But sometimes, they wear me out.

As the older sister you always feel like you need to be protecting them and watching out for them, and to an extent you do. But when your baby sister turns 18-years-old, she doesn't need your guiding hand anymore. She needs you to be more of a friend and a confidant. Someone she can turn to when her life is completely falling apart, or when she slams her finger in the car door, (it happens). This transition can be hard, especially when you have three other younger sisters, all of different ages who need you to be something different all at the same time.

My youngest sister needs me to be a role model and a teacher. We do homework together, we watch television together, she comes to the grocery store with me. I am the leader of her Girl Scout Troop. I want her to see what hard work does, but when she interrupts my homework it can get really hard to love her. Well, not really, I will always love her, but she definitely gets snapped at when she won't stop talking when I am trying to work.

My sister Abigail, born three years before the youngest, is a special case. She and I do not always get along very well, but we are getting better. She is one of the funniest people I know, and some of the things that come out of her mouth will shock you to the core. I am always left wondering how this little human, she's not very little she's 12-years-old and about five-foot-one, can come up with some of the wittiest, dumbest, and funniest things all at the same time. Abigail is the one that probably wears me out the most, she has a very "I don't have to" attitude, and it drives me up the wall. She needs a lot of guidance, and her manners are a work in progress, but she is getting a lot better. She just needs someone to be her friend, take her places, show her how to put on make-up and kick her butt inline when need be.

Danielle, our dad used to call her his demon child, but she is one of the most caring, sweetest girls you will ever meet. She has an attitude hotter than a firework, and she isn't afraid to chew you out, but she will give you the clothes off her back. Danielle doesn't need much from me. She asks questions when she's confused, she wants to go places with me, and we have been each other's emotional support since our dad died. At fifteen-years-old, you have just enough knowledge to hang yourself, and you think you know everything, so that's what I let Danielle do, because we all have to learn somewhere.

I love my sisters. I love cooking for them, buying them presents, taking them places, holding them when they cry. I even love movie nights and Nerf gun fights in the house. I would not trade being their bigger sister for a single thing in this world...except maybe a little less worrying, maybe not even then.

Eternal Peace.