Lets face it, once you have been given the title "baby in the family," you will always have it. I was the baby until my little sister was born, and today, the name somehow still sticks. As a former baby, I clearly sympathize with all you babies out there. When you are given that name, it never leaves, but believe me it's bearable. You know you are the baby when these things happen to you:

1. Old stories of you in diapers are always brought up (even though this comes up for any child, it can be daunting for you because you were the last).

2. When being introduced to friends of you parents they always say "yes, this is the baby."

3. Your older siblings will always say "your not old enough" even when you are old enough.

4. When you hit adulthood siblings and parents still think your a child because your "the baby."

5. You always get reminded of what you missed because you weren't born yet, like family trips.

6. You always get told what you shouldn't do by siblings, usually with a story of something they did and then they say "learn from my mistakes."

7. You always get told "I was never allowed to do that." Hinting towards the myth that the baby is always spoiled.