For the independent women. For the women that have their own and don’t need nobody. For the strong women that refuse to let anything bring them down, that don’t let their trials and tribulations define them.

I’ve always been independent, I hated asking for help, (still do.) It was always “if there’s a will, there’s a way” I would do all that I can before asking for help, 97 percent of the time I wouldn’t even ask for the help. I’ve always had a great support system from family and friends, but never knew how to use it.

I am superwoman. My superwoman complex doesn’t know how to ask for help when it needs it. It doesn’t know how to let someone in close enough to help when it’s weak. It doesn’t know how to be anything less. It doesn’t know how to be vulnerable. To the independent woman. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

I say “it” because the superwoman complex isn’t fully who we are. Don’t mix up your wants and needs. You don’t NEED anyone to be there, but you could WANT someone to. At times we can feel alone because we’re trying to do everything ourselves. Wanting someone to be there doesn’t make you weak. Man or woman, we all could use someone by our side at times. It’s nice to have someone feel the weight of everything with you. Not take it all away because that’s not who you are, it’s not what you need. You like to do things on your own. But just having someone acknowledge your pain and struggle can help.

Being superwoman does not mean you have to be single. It does not mean you have to be alone. It is not disregarding anything that makes you feel weak. It’s acknowledging you can be, but making the conscious decision to take any step to make you stronger, if it be having someone by your side to let you know things are going to be okay.

"Superwoman doesn't have to be superwoman all the time" a friend once said that to me. I was spreading myself too thin trying to do too many things. Superwoman, you don't have to take on everything at once. You don't have to be busy 25/8 to feel like you are accomplishing something. Take some time to yourself and rest. It is okay to not being working all the time. Don't take on copious amounts of things to only put in half your effort into each of them. Make sure your focus is prioritized. You are not any less of a Superwoman if you take some time to recoup yourself and lessen your load.

You are still Superwoman no matter what.