I Don't Want A Boyfriend, I Want A Degree
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As A College Student, I'm Focused On Graduating, Not Finding A Boyfriend

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As A College Student, I'm Focused On Graduating, Not Finding A Boyfriend
Marissa Mayer

Going to a small private Christian campus, it has been pretty much ingrained into every student's mind that they need to find their soulmate here (ring by spring...ew, no thanks). While that might be a goal for everyone else, it most definitely isn't for me.

While the percentage of students in relationships, engaged or married here is incredibly intimidating, I'm not ashamed to say that finding a boyfriend here is not on my agenda at all.

If I wanted to focus on finding a boyfriend so strongly rather than earning my degree, I would have stayed at home and downloaded a plethora of dating apps. I would spend hours swiping left or right, messaging potential dates and essentially wasting my time. Rather, I buckled down, signed up for an overload of credits and am learning more than I could ever imagine. Tuition definitely doesn't come cheap and so why would I want to focus on anything other than my education?

Don't get me wrong, I definitely still plan out my dream wedding on Pinterest, but school simply comes first. I'm incredibly independent and I couldn't be more thrilled thinking about walking across that stage in two years knowing that all of my hard work paid off. Besides, boys are difficult. They can be hard to read and a lot of times they don't even come close to my incredibly high standards (yes ladies, you should have the bar set extremely high!). Also, newsflash: having a relationship isn't everything! They're a lot of work, and it's something I simply don't have time for.

Mostly, I'm just trusting in the Lord's plan. If He has my partner ready for me during college, cool. If not, I'm perfectly content. In the meantime, I'm focused, I'm determined and I'm learning more and more about music and education every day. I dream about having my own classroom and putting everything I've learned to use.

Ladies, don't get down on yourself when you see your friends out and about with their boyfriends. Society loves to make us feel like you need to be with someone to be happy and that simply isn't true. Take advantage of your time in college to truly dive into your learning. Make friends and take advantage of opportunities. You aren't "forever alone" and you are worthy of the person who will treat you right. Be patient and be unapologetically YOU.

Who knows, maybe I'm just an alpha. Maybe it's my past that has given me very little desire to pursue a relationship. Whatever the case may be, when the time is right, I'll know. For now, I'm just daydreaming about that cap and gown.

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