If you're a music major, friends with a music major, or just have had a conversation with a music major before, then you know how crazy and different our lifestyle is.

Almost every minute of free time is spent practicing. We go to concerts and recitals on a Friday night instead of out on the town. We have to study sheet music rather than textbooks. And, let's be honest, we'd rather stay in and play music than socialize. Being a music major is a tough, yet rewarding way of life.

Music isn't just our degree; it's our identity. Music consumes so much of our lives, but still, so many people don't understand what being a music major is like.

So, here to explain it all, are your favorite Disney princesses.

When your non-music friends don't understand your music struggles.

Not knowing whether you should practice for lessons, ensemble, piano class, or any other class that requires practicing.

"Why are you so stressed? All you do is play music all day!"

Being anywhere on campus except the music building.

But, then you find a fellow music major.

When a non-music professor tries to tell you how important their class is and how much work is involved.

Having at least five things to do at all times.

When placement audition music is released during a break.

Every semester you have to re-audition for where you will be placed in an ensemble. Usually, this music comes out before the semester starts, like during winter or summer break. Let me tell you, it really kills those vacation vibes.

When you're caught up on all homework, practicing, and studying for once.

That moment when you realize how close juries are.

Juries are like a final exam, but for your private lessons. You have to have pieces of music prepared to perform for three people on the music faculty. Yes, it is as terrifying as it sounds.

When your solo finally comes together.

Thinking you had something in Music Theory figured out, just to find out you were completely wrong.

Or you thought you had everything wrong in Music Theory but you ended up being correct.

And last, but certainly not least, getting to do what you love every single day.