12 Signs That You Are High School Sweethearts

Before the kiss comes the awkward smile, before the love comes the fall, and before the boyfriend comes the friend. I am dating my best friend in the entire world, and although different than any other relationships, it is by far my favorite fairy tale. Here are a few signs that you're living you're own fairy tale:

1. You call each other things in public that no one else would consider a “pet name.”

2. Play-fighting is one of your biggest signs of affection.

3. You get true butterflies in your tummy just from looking at each other or laughing.

4. They know exactly how to mess with you because they know everything about you.

5. You have more inside jokes than anyone in the world and can always make each other laugh.

6. You know they love you, regardless of your flaws, because they started dating you knowing every single one.

7. They will always have your back, no matter how mad you are at each other, they will never let you down when you need them.

8. There are no boundaries because you know each other too well.

9. You do really weird things together and almost no date is normal, you even sometimes refer to yourselves and your pets as your little family.

10. There are no secrets. You know everything about each other and are not afraid to use that to your advantage.

11. You get to talk about that crazy substitute and fellow classmates together and actually know what’s going on.

12. They know you better than anyone else and you get to experience the strongest love from them. It’s a mixture of friendship and true love because before you were boyfriend and girlfriend you were best friends.

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