24 Signs You're A Bookworm

If you are anything like me, then you will think that books are absolutely amazing. Any time that I hear about a bookstore closing down, it breaks my heart. Books are an essential part of my life. Summer is a great time for me because I have more free time to read the stack of books in my room. A bookworm is a person who is devoted to reading. Here are 24 signs that you are in fact a bookworm.

1. You bring at least two books on a trip.

Strong emphasis on the at least part. Most of the time it's two books for the plane ride, plus two more for the actual trip.

2. You have at least four bookmarks.

There are just so many different bookmarks that sometimes it's hard to choose which one to use.

3. You can finish a book within a day.

Let's be honest. You can finish a book in a couple of hours.

4. You know that e-books are just not the same as having a hard copy.

While it's nice to have it be easily stored and accessible, it isn't as fulfilling and fun as holding the book in your hands and actually flipping the pages.

5. Your heart aches and tears linger in your eyes when you think about a character's death.

Augustus, Finnick, Tris... Still not over it and never will be over it. Why must authors crush our souls?

6. While everyone else may be going out on a Friday night, you can be found snuggled in your blanket with a book.

It's gotten to the point that when people do see you out they are surprised.

7. You know when the next addition in a series comes out...

8. And you've already pre-ordered the special edition.

Because that bonus scene makes all the difference on which edition you buy.

9. You struggle with deciding whether or not to get a paperback or hardcover version.

Most likely you go for the paperback because the hardcover is just too darn expensive.

10. You ask for a Barnes and Noble gift card for your birthday.

And Christmas. And pretty much every day. Buying books is even better when it's with someone else's money.

11. Your bank account suffers for your thirst to read.

When you do have to buy books with your own money, you see just how quickly those paperbacks rack up. #broke

12. Your library card gets put to good use.

When you just can't spend any more money, you head to the library where you can check out 20 books for free. The public library is a small piece of heaven.

13. You constantly want to talk about what's going on in your book.

You are willing to do this with every and anybody who is willing to listen. It doesn't even matter if they haven't read the book because you're going to tell them all about it.

14. You make commentary when reading.

Even in public, which sometimes earns you weird looks from others.

15. You read with passion.

You get so zoned into a book that the world around you evaporates. Plus, you probably get a really concentrated look on your face.

16. You are a book-turned-movie film's biggest critic.

You were in the theaters ready to pick apart and spot all the differences for "The Hunger Games," "The Fault In Our Stars," "If I Stay," and even "Twilight."

17. You know the struggle of having to wait for the next book to come out.

It's hard when you finish the first book and the second one doesn't come out for six months.

18. Or the struggle of wanting another book to come out and it never happening.

There's always that one book that could totally have a sequel. You might even already have an idea of what the plot would be. Only thing left is to convince the author...

19. You can re-read a book and still enjoy it.

Other people don't understand why you want to read something again. My response: Why do you watch the same movie multiple times? Because it's a good story, right? It's the same thing.

20. Books have become a part of your identifier.

Whenever someone describes you they always have to put in something that deals with your love for books. #proudnerd

21. You know not to judge a book by its cover.

But let's be real, you do this half the time.

22. You buy new books to read even though you still have 10 unread books at home.

When you skim down the aisles in the bookstore, it doesn't matter if there are still unread books in your room. If you see a good book, which you no doubt will, it has to come home and join the collection.

23. You want to write your own book, but know that it is not the same as reading one.

While writing a book is incredibly cool and would be tons of fun, it's even better to not have to go through that whole process and instead read a book that's already been written.

24. The amount of books you read has gotten to be so much that your parents actually encourage you not to read.

You know you read so much when you find your parents saying things like, "You're reading again?" and "Isn't there something else you could do besides reading?"

Bonus: You feel bad for Henry Bemis in The Twilight Zone episode "Enough Time at Last."

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about (which you probably don't) then you must go and watch this episode right now. Or at least once you finish the book you're reading. :)

Happy Reading!

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