What It's Like Being Away From Your Best Friend

Sorry to those who think it’s about them, it’s not. More than anything I miss my cat Bella. From her furry masked face, to her purring at my feet while I’m falling asleep. No matter what that little fluff ball has always been there for me. Now I’m not a crazy cat lady, I’m actually very much allergic to them, but this little kitty is the love of my life. I could always depend on her to bring me mice, moles, chipmunks and the occasional bird or snake.

I’ve noticed that without having her around, my moral is down and my stress levels are up. I could always bring her in as an emotional support animal, but I couldn’t confine her to a room like that. Bella has never been cooped up in the house a day in her life. If she wants out, she always finds a way. Whether she yowls at the front door until we can’t take it anymore, or if she escapes out of my second story bedroom window. She always finds a way.

Pets have a strange magic about them. They always find a way into our hearts in a matter of moments, and never leave. They’re more reliable than any human ever. I can count on my cat going to bed with me, more than I can count on my computer to turn on when I need it to.

The few times I’ve gone home since college began, she pretended to be mad at me and generally kept away. I always saw her out of the corner of my eye though, keeping an eye on me then eventually coming up to cuddle. Then when I go to bed, she’ll wait a moment, and then when I’m half way up the stairs I’ll hear my mom yell “There she goes!” In that moment I know to pause, because in .2 seconds I’ll have a cat darting past me.

I miss the little fur ball, but I’ll see her soon. If you miss your pet, don’t forget to ask someone back home to send a picture or two to you. It may sting at first, but it always helps at the end of the day.

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