8 Things Being An Editor-In-Chief Gave Me
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8 Things Being An Editor-In-Chief Gave Me

Forever thankful for the things this position gave me.

8 Things Being An Editor-In-Chief Gave Me
Sarah Derrick

For the last year and a half, I've been an Editor-in-Chief for Odyssey. I've seen so many changes come and go, seen things that should change, and some things that I wish had never changed. It has been quite the job, and has opened doors for me that I will continue to be thankful for throughout my life. Here are a few things this job has given me.

1. Sarah Derrick

Sarah Derrick has become one of my best friends. Sarah was another EIC at a college in Virginia, two states away. When a crazy course of events put us in each other's lives, we took it in stride and have taken trips both ways to see each other. When I tweet about being upset about something at 4 AM, she texts me when she gets up at the crack of dawn to make sure everything's good.

2. A Fiancé?

If you haven't heard this story, you're severely missing out. Remember that crazy course of events that got me Sarah? It also got me a fiancé. Kind of. Check it out here.

3. Experiences

I've reviewed many concerts, which is one of the coolest things ever. I've gone to events around my hometown and my college town so that I could write articles about them, getting myself more involved in my community.

4. Alissa Katz

You mean your manager doesn't understand your love of "Gilmore Girls" and mention you on anything she sees concerning the series on Facebook? You don't bring your dogs to video conferences? Shame. You wish your manager was as cool as mine.

5. A Major

I went to college thinking that I was going to be a Psychology major. Then, I thought I was going to be a Business Administration major. Eventually, I realized I had no idea what I wanted to major in.

I met with a professor to talk about Odyssey, and after seeing how much I loved it, she asked if I had thought about being a Communication Studies major. Here I am one semester away from graduating with a degree in Communication Studies.

6. Knowledge

Want to know how Facebook's algorithm works? I have a vague idea. Want to know how things should be edited according to AP style? Got you. Want to know about copyright law for your next cover photo? I'll get you a million different websites to find the perfect fair use photo.

7. An Extensive Gif Library

I swear half of my computer is comprised of gifs. Have an article that is full of texts that no one is going to take the time to read the whole thing? Throw some gifs in there. Need the perfect reaction gif? If I don't have it, I guarantee you that I will be able to find it within just a few minutes.

8. Organization

You never know how organized you can really be until you are in charge of a group of college students. You'll learn that Excel spreadsheets are your best friend, and numbers are a wonderful thing to have.

This list could honestly go on forever because Odyssey has given me so many things in the time that I was the Editor-in-Chief. Now, it's on to the next adventure: the last semester of college.

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