The best part about being an auntie is everything.

It's the tight hugs and misplace kisses all over your face. The giggles you get when you have a tickle fight, the "I love you's" and the cuddles. It's the unintentional best friend you get the second they are born, the countless adventures you get to go on, and the trip back in time into childhood again.

It's more than the gushy stuff. It's being able to play all day, have fun with them, and then let their parents take them home. It's being able to tell them silly stories about their parents from when you were young.

Then, it is the mushy stuff. It's the little person you get to see grow up right before your eyes, and trust me, it feels like you blink and they're talking to you like a mini entrepreneur, trying to sell you their food from their pretend coffee shop. It's being able to watch a strong, fierce little girl grow up with amazing morals or seeing a creative, brave little boy with sweet manners blossom. Being an auntie is the best feeling in the world. Whether you like kids, love them, hate them, the moment that are able to recognize what an important person you are in their life will have you emotional.

My niece is turning two years old. I was there for it all with my sister; her weird cravings, long walks, and even the day the sweet girl was born. I fell in love that night, with this small little person that pooped on my brother. I didn't know how much she would change my life that day, but now I see how different she has made me. Because of her, I am a patient person. I am kinder, more gentle, and wiser than I ever was. She has made me want to become better for her. She has made me want to change the world for her. Knowing I have her in my life; someone who depends on me for things and is impacted by me, I wake up with a whole heart every morning.

I have so many wishes for her and her future. I wish for her to be strong and not let the world get her down. I wish for her to work hard for her goals, whatever they may be. I wish for her to not only live the most amazing life she can, but to be kind and warm while doing so. Most of all, I wish for her to be happy, because every time she cries, so do I.