Being the "mom" friend is an immensely complex role. You want to have fun and create wild memories, but you also know wild memories usually include almost getting in trouble and putting your future at risk. So, you make memories with your friends, but they aren't necessarily ones you would want to write home about.

For instance, you and your friends go to parties but are home by midnight. You go out with your friends but always drink less than them, just in case. It starts to feel as if you have a mother's intuition and reflexes, without the children.

Your friends end up becoming your un-biological children. Any time they have a problem, they call for advice. Any time they need food, they come over. Any time they need help with homework, they call or text. You end up helping them with every aspect of their life, which can be tiresome because you have to deal with your own problems too.

Don't get me wrong, helping my friends in every aspect feels great and I love that I can make their lives easier. However, by becoming the "mom" friend, you end up being treated like their actual mom because you are always skeptical of wild plans. For example, you end up not getting invited to parties in the city because your friends know the area isn't the safest and you wouldn't approve. There are also times you end up having to deal with some of your problems like yourself due to the "mother and child" dynamic that has been created.

That doesn't always happen, but when it does, you feel like a mom dropping her kid off at college and not hearing from them unless they need something. In short, it sucks sometimes being the "mom" friend. Most of the time, your friends are always by your side and having fun.

The most common occurrence that happens as the "mom" friend is being extremely close to all of your friends. You get more insight into your friends' lives than you would if you were just a regular friend. Your friends are always there for you to vent to and to seek advice from. You end up creating a close-knit family, where there are no secrets. It is honestly the most rewarding form of friendship I have experienced because of the immense amount of love among your family.

Being the "mom" friend is the most rewarding form of friendship because your friends will always have your back since you have always had their back. You will have everlasting friends, no matter the arguments and drama. You will have friends that will take care of you when you're down and party with you when you're up. The eternal love you will receive brings pure joy and a feeling of completeness.

"It has been hard, I know my daughters, but one word alone wipes out all the hardships: love." — Sophocles