How To Be A Gentleman
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Hey Guys, Take These 10 Tips On How To Be A Gentleman

Seeing someone being protective and putting your safety first will make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Hey Guys, Take These 10 Tips On How To Be A Gentleman

Gentlemen may be rare and almost an extinct species in today's society, however, they shouldn't be. Many women have not had the best experiences with men especially when they hit you up 12 a.m. to "hang out". Women may be so used to the bland type of way men treat them, whether they are talking to multiple girls at once, only asks to see you once in a blue moon, or beeps the horn when he is at your house instead of knocking on your door. When a gentleman makes his way into a woman's life, us females question their motives because of just how nice they are, but in reality we should not be questioning anything at all, we should be almost expecting it. After realizing several differences between men and gentlemen, here are 12 reasons on how you know you are being treated correctly. Disclaimer, I realize what century we are in and women are strong and powerful and literally don't need no man... but if one comes along, take the time to realize that he is not trying to strip you of your independence, but only trying to give you what you deserve.

1. He obviously opens and holds the door

This should be a no brainer. If he slams the door in your face or walks in front of you and 10 steps ahead, I'd say walk up and out. If you catch a red flag before you even sit down on a first date, it's more than likely you'll catch at least eight more before he even opens his mouth. Many men do in fact hold the door for women, but there is a difference between having to do it versus wanting to. Opening the door shows effort but it also shows consideration, politeness, and how being raised correctly can make all of the difference.

2. He offers to always treat you and never expects anything from you

Although this may be annoying for some women, the offer to always be treated is refreshing and somehow makes you feel very appreciated. Even if you feel bad and always offer to help pay, seeing someone not ask for a separate check can be a little surprising. Although you may not want someone paying for you all of the time, you'll learn that there are little things that you can do to return the favor such as secretly paying elsewhere, simple acts of kindness, and other creative ideas to show that you appreciate them, however, it is never expected of you.

3. He always tries to make you feel comfortable

Some guys just know exactly what to do to put a woman in an uncomfortable situation. Whether they say something crude, joke around about something sensitive, or make you feel guilty about not wanting to do something, many of these situations send women on high alert. Eventually, your attentiveness and awareness will not be at the forefront of your mind and you can simply relax and enjoy your time with your date. Seeing someone being protective and putting your safety first will make you feel at ease and comfortable.

4. He shakes your dad's hand

When the time is right and he meets your parents, your dad is the number one critic. After all, he raised his little girl and wants to see her happy with someone who treats her with respect. Eye contact and a handshake start the journey off and if he does not properly do that, your dad will have much to say.

5. He is always there to listen

A venting session is usually good for the best friend, but once you find someone who you can confine in, you'll be surprised at how much he truly cares. He will not only offer sympathy but good advice. A best friend sides with you no matter the situation and your gentleman should do the same.

6. He never makes you feel guilty

You do not deserve to be ridiculed, judged, or defeated. If a guy pressures you into something and no means no, a guilty feeling should not enter the bones of your body. If you simply do not want to hang out with a guy, do not feel guilty on canceling. I've noticed the biggest difference between a typical guy and a gentleman is that is you cancel on a typical guy, his response will most likely be "ugh fine" or "wow really." But if you cancel on a gentleman he will usually ask if everything is alright.

7. He always offers to drive

He'll pick you up, drop you off, walk you to your door, and make sure you get inside safely. Sometimes, he'll even clean his car for you (but most guys are obsessed with their cars anyway).

8. He walks on the outer street corner

You'll notice when the effort is made to make sure you are always on his inner side while he is on the outer part of the sidewalk. He will properly move you over because again, your safety is a top priority for him.

9. He is honest but always supports you

Relating to number 5, although he is always there to listen, he knows how to be honest without making you question yourself. No matter what decision you make, big or small, he will support it because that decision is a part of you.

10. He wants to meet your friends

If a guy has no interest in meeting your friends, I'd say that is a pretty large red flag. He should want to meet the people who you always talk about and always hang out with. Even if he is shy at first, he always knows what to say.

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