If You're Curious About Speakeasies, Here's What Working At One Is Really Like

If You're Curious About Speakeasies, Here's What Working At One Is Really Like

Working at a speakeasy, you see a lot.


Working at a speakeasy, I have seen a lot more than I first anticipated. From drunken, misbehaving groups of prestigious business people to PDA abusing swinger couples, a night in this type of bar is full of surprises.

Anyone who's seen The Great Gatsby can tell you how exciting, wild and glamorous the environment was for partiers during the early 1900s. Parties typically took place in mansions, boats and little secret bars called speakeasies. From sparkling dresses to impressive cocktails, speakeasies had it all.

A "speakeasy" is a bar during prohibition that was located in a discreet area in order for patrons to enjoy illegal alcoholic beverages without the fear of getting into legal trouble.

The White Rabbit, a new speakeasy in Gilbert, Arizona, is disguised as an apothecary. Above are some medicines and items one might've found in a 1920s facility. Photo by Amanda Marvin

While prohibition ended about 86 years ago on Dec. 5, 1933, we still see speakeasies in the news, on social media and in our communities. So, what's the reason for the popularity of these hidden bars when they are no longer necessary?

Some say it's the adventure of the secrecy of a hidden bar. Others say it's the fun, back-in-time vibe that these businesses have. From my experience, I say it's the illusion that there are no rules once you enter the underground, dark room.

As soon as guests push open the bookcase door and step into the classically decorated bar, their eyes double in size and their mouths drop. Like a kid in a candy shop, I have seen full-grown adults giggle –and even jump- with excitement upon entering the speakeasy.

Hallway in The White Rabbit, a new speakeasy-themed bar in Gilbert, Arizona.Photo by Amanda Marvin

Not only are they dazzled by the secret hallway and beautiful décor of the facility, but they are thrilled to be in such a place historically known for bad behavior and a lawless policy.

As I look around the room at the guests, I notice small details. A young woman with red lipstick in the corner shares top-shelf drinks with a white-haired man. A double date in the VIP room turns into a partner-sharing make-out fest. A loud group of well-dressed people knock over their third wine glass and erupt in laughter. The drunk man near the bar falls over with his seat tumbling on top of him as he struggles to save his beer.

The Little Woody, a speakeasy located in Phoenix, Arizona. The Little Woody / Facebook

The dark ambiance and comfortable seating of a speakeasy bar create feelings of secrecy and freedom, and mixing this with alcohol is a perfect recipe for an interesting experience, especially for those that work there.

"Working at a speakeasy is fun because it gives patrons an experience that can't be replicated at just any bar or restaurant," says Sydney Alberda, hostess at the new speakeasy-themed bar, The White Rabbit in Gilbert, Arizona.

The White Rabbit is known for its classically styled space, artful cocktails and delectable side dishes. It's more upscale than other existing speakeasy bars in the region, and the first of its kind in the developing town.

"The most exciting part about The White Rabbit Bar is introducing the town of Gilbert to our passion for craft cocktails," says Sara Medina, co-owner of the bar.

The chandeliers and low lighting create a classic 1920s vibe. Photo by Amanda Marvin

"We really wanted to capture the experience of a large city cocktail lounge and open it in our hometown. Not only did we want amazing drinks, but also wanted to create an unforgettable environment that would capture the look and feel of a true Prohibition-era lounge," Medina continues.

"There's a theme and an aura in that place that makes people feel differently than when they go to other places," says Sydney, 19.

Even though the events that happen underground are extravagant and unexpected, it's what makes speakeasies worth going to. The experience is guaranteed to be unlike any other.

For more information on The White Rabbit, visit https://www.twr.bar/

Other speakeasies in Phoenix and the surrounding area include:



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How To Play 'New Girl's' True American Drinking Game

"It's 75% drinking, 20% Candy Land, and the floor is molten lava."

I think it's fair to say that anyone who watches "New Girl" knows about True American. This crazy, nonsense drinking game which pops up every so often throughout the seasons and first introduced in season one, episode 20.

The game, as described by "New Girl" character and fan-favorite Schmidt, is 75% drinking game and 20% Candy Land with a floor of molten lava.

The point of the game is for players to navigate through the Candy Land-like spaces to the "castle," which is a table in the center of the room that holds beer "pawns" and the "king" bottle. The first person to reach and sip from the bottle wins.

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Loading video...

Here's how to play:

Step #1: Prepare the "castle"

First, set up your "castle." The castle is made up of beer "pawns" and the "king," a bottle filled with the alcohol of your choice.

The bottle should be in the middle of the table, surrounded by four lines of beer pawns. There is no exact number of beers necessary for each line of beer pawns. Choose any amount of beers that seems appropriate for the amount of players.

Step #2: Set up spaces

Set up spaces using pillows, chairs or any other objects players will be able to stand on. Place an equal amount of spaces around the table. You'll want about 5-8 spaces on each side, depending on the size of the room you're playing in.

Only four of these spaces should reach the castle, lining up with the parade of beer "pawns" and allowing players to take a beer pawn from the castle. For example, in the photo above, each of the chairs touch a corner of the table at the end of the line of beer pawns. Therefore, these are two of the four special spaces that allow players to take a beer. Unlike the pillows pictured, which are just regular spaces that the players can use to move around.

Step #3: Pick teams

Teams are optional. To pick teams, all of the players will place a certain number (1 to 5) of fingers against their forehead on the count of three.

Any players who hold up the same number are a team. Unmatched players can team up as needed or simply pair up with the person standing closest to them.

Step #4: Begin

Begin with a shotgun "tip-off" to determine which player goes first.

The winner of this shotgunning contest will yell, "One, two, three...JFK!" to announce the official beginning of the game. All players will enthusiastically respond, "FDR!" then quickly grab a beer pawn from the castle and run to any space they wish to start at, excluding for the four special spaces that reach the castle.

Step #5: Make moves

The winner of the shotgunning contest has earned the first turn. From then on, the order of turns will move in a clockwise rotation. During each turn, the player will move one space toward the castle and choose to play one of the following mini-games.

Mini-game No. 1: The player whose turn it is will count to three then all players will place a certain number (1-5) of fingers on their forehead. Any player who selects a number no one else selected can move ONE space.

Mini-game No. 2: The player whose turn it is will recite the beginning of a famous American quote. The first player to complete the quote can move TWO spaces.

Mini-game No. 3: The player whose turn it is will name two famous American people, places, or things. The first player to identify what the two have in common can move THREE spaces.

For example, say it's your turn. You will move one space then choose one of the three mini-games. You and all of the players will participate in that game, and the winner will move accordingly. After this, your turn is over and it's the next player's turn (in the original clockwise rotation).

Step #6: "Play on, playa."

Continue playing by these rules until one lucky winner reaches the bottle and sips from its royal glass.

The bottle cannot be opened until every last pawn is removed from the castle. Any players who fail to keep at least one beer in hand, who accidentally end up with more than three beers in hand, or who touch the lava are immediately disqualified. Disqualified players can rejoin the game by shotgunning a beer.


You are now able to impress all of your "New Girl"-loving friends with knowledge of the workings of the epic True American drinking game. Know your limits, drink responsibly, and enjoy!

Cover Image Credit: i.amz.mshcdn.com

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5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Gainesville, FL

Take your Valentine's Day date to these 5 romantic and delicious restaurants


You have survived the first date and even made it past the honeymoon stage, but how do you keep the romance going? From all-you-can-eat dreamy brunches to cozy afternoon walks in the park, and romantic dinners, Gainesville is full of great dinner options, but it's easy to keep going to the same few restaurants. If you feel tired of eating out at your usual dinner spots, here are 5 of the most romantic restaurant to keep your lovey vibes going on for your next date night.

1. Embers Wood Grill (Steakhouse)


If you are looking for a fancy dinner date or some good old steak, this place is for you. The chef's menu retains excellent house specialties and the chef does a great job by using USDA Prime Cut Meat that they cook over a real wood grill. You can taste the smokiness that comes through in everything, from grilled steaks to seafood. With two certified Sommeliers, you can impress your dinner date with fresh steak and perfect wine pairings.

2. Amelia's Italian Cuisine (Italian)


Classic Italian dishes. Amelia's offers a range of different dishes with a twist. Sauces and pasta made from scratch which makes this place special and intimate for a romantic dinner for two. Not just you feel in a different city as soon as you walk in, but this place offers cozy inside and outside seating. Your date will be impressed not just by the food and the ambiance of it, but by the polite greet that Chef Andy gives when he approaches your table to make sure everything with the meal is up to his standards.

3. Public & General (American, Traditional)


A self-service restaurant and tavern, this is a perfect place for an afternoon eatery's lunch offering specialty sandwiches, cheese, and charcuterie selection, along with daily plates. Not just is good for lunch, but bring your dinner date after 5 o'clock, for their amazing dinner menu, it expands to include their house prepared small plates. Sitting by the bar, choose from a large selection of international wines, cocktails and craft beers.

4. Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company (Japanese)


Impress your date with this delicious Japanese tapas, great ambiance and a lovely date night feel. It is their love of craft and artful flavor that compels this place to create a meaningful connection with food and ambiance. Everyone can come here to fill your taste buds with delicious food or choose from plenty of drinks options to compliment with your dinner date.

5. Crane Ramen (Asian Fusion)


Craft Ramen Restaurant, serving local meat, eggs, and poultry whenever possible and most of their vegetables come from farms located within 100 miles of the restaurant, you can say this is the best place for you to take your dinner date to impress! With natural ingredients, everything from the menu is scratch-made, a trendy atmosphere, yet hipster look will add the perfect touch for your romantic night out.

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