Behind the Scenes of Sorority Recruitment

I am the Vice President of Membership for my sorority. This means that I am in charge of recruitment. Now, I am not the only person in charge of recruiting new members, as every single member has to do their part, but I am like the main person that has to do most of the behind the scenes work. Sure, I have a committee, and they help out A LOT, but I still have to delegate what each of them do and be present in everything, checking on the progress of things. So, let me tell you, so much stuff goes into the final product that is seen during recruitment week, or as many call it, rush.

First, there's the theme. We literally start discussing the theme for the following semesters recruitment right after that semesters recruitment, if not before. Members of my committee bring there ideas and if other chapter members have an idea they can submit one as well. Then we vote on which one we like the best, what we can do the most with, and which one we think would appeal to pnm's (potential new members). But, first theme we choose, may not end up being the actual theme.

Once we have a theme, we start thinking about the t-shirt. Committee members are asked to design a shirt. We then vote on which design we like the best. From here, we have to decide, do we want short sleeve, long sleeve, tank top, as well as, what color and brand of shirt. And of course, pricing is a huge deciding factor when it comes to all the previous mentioned things. Designs with more colors, cost more. Different brand shirts, cost more. Long vs short sleeves affect the cost as well, and every member in the chapter has to be okay with the price in order to get that shirt.

Next, we have to think about what we want to have at each party. This consists of food, decorations, and activities. When thinking about this stuff, I like to think about the theme, as well as what round it is. So for most of the rounds, I base the food and decorations off of the theme, but for philanthropy, I usually base things off of our philanthropy and sorority colors. For activities, I have to think about what kinds of activities will help us get to know the pnm's while also being fun and interesting for them. I have a budget that I have to stay within for all of this too, so finding everything I need can be a process in itself.

Finally, well, not finally, but the last thing I'm going to talk about, is practice makes perfect. I go to a small school, so we don't have a perfecting week, but we still practice. One weekend before recruitment, we run through all of our parties and make sure everyone knows what to do. Half the chapter pretends to be pnm's while the other half practice recruiting. We rehearse door chants, and songs, and talk about everything they need to know for the week.

A LOT of work may go into sorority recruitment, but I wouldn't trade my job for anything. It gives me so much experience with budgeting and planning that will be so helpful in the future.

So for anyone thinking about going through recruitment, about to go through recruitment, going through recruitment, or have gone through recruitment, just think about everything that went into making it the final product, because let me tell you, it's not easy.

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