A Beginner’s Guide To Trump's Second Impeachment Trials
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A Beginner’s Guide To Trump's Second Impeachment Trials

Yesterday was the first day of a strenuous process to try former president Donald Trump on incitement of insurrection, which led to the Capitol storming on January 6th. Here's everything that you need to know now that the vote has been passed to move forward.

A Beginner’s Guide To Trump's Second Impeachment Trials

Following the destruction and the lies that led to the violent uprising of Trump's supporters on the 6th of January, impeachment trials have been carried forward, here's everything that you need to know.

Here's everything that you need to know.

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On Wednesday 10th, the second day of the impeachment trial, it will be carried forward due to the 56-44 vote that has allowed the trial to be deemed constitutional. Following the vote, prosecutors on each side will have sixteen hours to represent their case, which will start at noon. The impeachment managers appointed for this position will be using never-before-seen evidence of footage recorded during the riots that occurred at the Capitol, which will allow the members of the Senate floor to see the extent of this destruction carried out thoroughly.

After both sides argue their cases, senators will have four hours to question and examine the defense and the prosecutors' statements before considering the witnesses' testimonies and documents that both parties provided. Suppose the Senate believes the witnesses' testimonies, both sides will have four hours to make closing arguments before the senate finally decides whether or not to vote for disbarring Trump from running for office in the future. If carried out, he will be the first president to be impeached twice.

Here are important team players to note.

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In representation for the prosecution team, nine democrats selected by Nancy Pelosi will act as impeachment managers to prosecute the former president. This team will include Jamie Raskin, who will serve as lead impeachment manager; Diana DeGette, David Cicilline, Joaquin Castro, Eric Swalwell, Ted Lieu, Stacey Plaskett, Joe Neguse of Colorado, and finally Madeleine. These figures have either advocated for the impeachment or have taken part in creating the impeachment inquiry. We have two prominent lawyers with an established history of court cases and legal history that has demonstrated their experience within the system. Donald Trump hastily selected David Schoen, a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer from Alabama, and Bruce Castor, a former district attorney from Montgomery County.

This isn't the first defense team, though, as the last team fell apart due to the main disagreement on the case should be. Neither of them has had an established history of working with each other. Mr. Schoen declared that "we don't know what the agenda is" nor the "order of things." This failed attempt at organizing was further demonstrated by Trump's reported claims of being disappointed in how the defense carried out on Tuesday. With this claim, it makes one wonder about this defense team's effectiveness and the effect it will carry throughout the trial.

And, here are my final thoughts on the impeachment trial.

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While it is easy to assume that the trial can end quickly, what with the amount of evidence that is held against Trump and the disorganization of Trump's defense team, however when it comes to the final vote, that will bar Trump from ever running for office again, at least seventeen Republicans would be needed to create the two-third vote that will be necessary for this impeachment trial.

If it doesn't happen, then Donald Trump, an individual who was able to amass 74 million votes for the 2020 election, will be able to run again in 2024. For now, the future is uncertain, and we will have to see what will unfold over the next couple of days.

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