Beginner's Guide To Bath: 12 Things You Must Do When Visiting Bath, England
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Beginner's Guide To Bath: 12 Things You Must Do When Visiting Bath, England

They're all a must, really.

Beginner's Guide To Bath: 12 Things You Must Do When Visiting Bath, England

This weekend I made my journey back to the United States; still, I'm thinking of Bath. The English city is usually a day trip for someone's London vacation, but spending five months in Bath gives you a different perspective than visiting for a few hours. Skip the TripAdvisor and travel books; here's what you really need to do in Bath, England.

1. Walk through Royal Victoria Garden

Beside the Royal Crescent, these gardens are located in the park. Dirt paths will trail down with beautiful greens and flowers in the Botanical gardens.

2. Get a panoramic view of the Royal Crescent

After you've walked the gardens you'll find yourself at the Crescent with all it's Georgian architecture. You can even go inside to see what it would look like at the time it was newly built.

3. Tour the Roman Baths

This is the most popular tourist destination. As a central location, the Roman Bath serves as a great starting point in the city. The tour does not disappoint and is more extensive than you might think.

4. Go to Bath's smallest pub

Hidden in the alley ways, Coeur De Lion, is known for it's size, but it immserse you in the culture of Bath as a small city.

5. Listen to the musicians playing near the shops

Near the Abbey and up Milsom street, there are a number of street musicians and singers entertaining. People waiting in line of the Baths or leisurely souvenir shopping will stop to listen.

6. Climb the Abbey Tower

If you want to see Bath from a higher view, climb the Abbey tower directly across from the Baths.

7. Walk along the canal path

If it's a nice day, be sure you find your way across Pulteney bridge and head over to the canal path. You'll want to schedule a few hours for this activity, because you'll start looking at house boats and never want to leave!

8. Visit the Fashion Museum

Another big attraction for Bath is the Fashion Museum, which used to be the Assembly Rooms where people, like Jane Austen, would go to socialize. Traveling through years of historical fashion, this museum shows the influences behind some of our fashion choices today.

9. Afternoon tea at the Pump Room

Another one of Jane Austen's hangouts, the Pump Room is a combined with the Roman Baths now. It's a beautiful room which hosts afternoon tea and other events. It's a great English treat and makes you feel so fancy!

10. Head over to the Holburne Museum

Across the Pulteney Bridge, this mansion-made museum has an assortment of art worth checking out.

11. Try a pasty

Basically any cafe will have a pasty tray in their case. While the stuff inside may change, they're all good and it's something you need to try while you're in England.

12. See a show at the Theatre Royal

Watching a play is the perfect way to end an eventful day in Bath. The tickets can be relatively inexpensive too.

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