Throughout the United States millions of people drink beer every day. Despite negative ideas about drinking, beer is a beverage that has many positives. These positives need to be brought to light for the world to see (especially the haters). Some already know how beer can be good for you or inspire networking, so it is time to make sure everyone knows.

1. It's a social tool.

First of all, beer can be used as a very good social tool. Whether it is for a business meeting, a night out at the bar with friends, or simply getting to know somebody, beer is used for many social activities.

2. It's a cultural staple.

Beer is cultural within the United States. It has become the staple drink of tailgates and barbecues, one of the glorious drinks at a college frat party, and it is a common drink at many great American sporting events. Since the 1600s, there has been some form of brewing and beer in the United States. Since then, the multi-billion dollar industry has taken off and is one of the most popular and cheap alcoholic beverages.

3. There are health benefits.

While some people joke about the adverse effects of drinking beer, like the infamous beer-belly, some studies point towards beer having some health benefits. For example, according to Men’s Health, beer can help prevent type 2 Diabetes, lower blood pressure, and increase bone density.

4. It's liquid courage.

Another common joke is that when people drink an alcoholic beverage, they get liquid courage. Here is another positive of beer. It makes humans feel good and it boosts their natural sense of confidence. This leads to more socializing, better self-esteem, and of course, some wild beer pong table dunks.

5. Craft brewing is a buzzing industry.

Craft brewing is also a benefit of beer. It has become a hobby for the beer enthusiasts and a small industry for little brewing companies. In 2015, craft brewing was a 22.3 billion dollar industry with majority of it being domestic.

6. There is a fit for everyone.

With craft brewing and many big name beer companies coming out with different styles and flavors of beer, the beer industry has become very fitting for anyone. There is a beer out there for everyone’s identity.

7. It's economical.

Lastly, beer creates many economic benefits. In 2014, the brewing business put 400,000 jobs into the economy and also added 55 billion dollars to United States’ businesses. According to economists, as craft beer continues to grow throughout the nation, it pushes other breweries to develop better brews as well and this also helps to stimulate the economy. Basically, to improve the economy, all we need to do as Americans is drink up...that is, if you are of age!