The night would fall and we would pray

together at our table,

on our knees and by our beds

Life was a happy fable

Our family’s big, Our house is small

We’re crowded as can be.

But Father, there’s a lot of love

That’s shared here happily

My ma would tuck me in

I’d hug my dad in a warm embrace

I’d rest with peace and serene sweet dreams

There was no problem I couldn’t face

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take

We said the words with voices held low

But the angel of death? He did not show.

He not once lurked under my bed.

The reaper didn’t harm a hair on my head.

I love my Mom and my Daddy, too

They keep me safe each day

Please pray for brothers Kevin, Patrick, Sean, Rory and sister Maggie, too

That they have more time to play.

But one day we stopped those nightly rituals

They love me but it’s such a shame

I lay on my back all by myself

Aware that we’ll never, ever be the same.

Goodnight, my dear

Now remember I love you and please sleep tight.

And now there’s one last thing I have to tell you:

Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

We’re ghosts, shadows, and silhouettes,

lurking in our own home.