With my first year of college over, I can finally say good riddance to the dorms! It was unpleasant, dirty, claustrophobic, and disturbing. I constantly felt dirty, I was frustrated with the lack of space, and I really just missed my own bed, as well as, my shower. With the first and final year of dorming over, it's time focus on the positive! Goodbye dorms, hello apartments! As fun and exciting as an apartment seems, I am very much struggling in terms of how to... decorate!

For example, what style do I want? What color bedding do I want? What should I decorate with? How should I decorate? What color scheme should I follow? Do I really need to buy this? Rug or no rug?

As I continue to search and shop for my apartment, these are the questions I continue to ask myself. However, recently, I have been struck with a peculiar dilemma. In my 19 years, I have never heard of such a thing as a duvet or a duvet cover. Honestly, before college, I barely knew what a comforter was! My parents are very simple. My bed at home consists of a mattress, a pillow, fitted sheets, and a blanket. That's it! No comforter, no loose sheet, and certainly no duvet!

A couple of days ago, I learned about a duvet while shopping with some of my roommates. First off, I was already having trouble figuring out what color sheets I wanted and now I had to figure out if I wanted a duvet or a comforter. For a solid five hours, I had so much trouble grasping onto the idea of a duvet. Which is better? What looks better on a bed? Which is warmer? Which is easier to clean? Which includes less maintenance? Which is cheaper?

To be honest, learning about a duvet really stressed me out. To this point, I have a vague understanding of what it is. The questions and thoughts that are plaguing me are truly causing me to panic. Coupled with my anxiety, I'm geeking on a bean! What if I buy one and I regret it? What if I don't like it? What if it's ugly? Reading a plethora of articles and opinions in terms of comforter vs duvet has really only furthered my stress and confusion.

I truly do not understand why there is such an elaborate setup for a bed. Why are there three different types of sheets? Do people really need a fitted sheet, a loose sheet, and a top sheet? I'm about ready to give up and just use only a blanket and have a plain, empty room!

And just so you know, in the end, I decided on a comforter! Ain't nobody got time to take off a duvet cover. And without a doubt, I really didn't want to have to get my duvet professionally cleaned every couple months.