Why was I arrested for something that isn't wrong? I made her black and blue and gave her bite marks. What's that got to do with anything? She made me mad, but I'm allowed to hurt her because I love her and she needs to learn her lesson. Sometimes she says the wrong thing and it just gets my blood pumping. She should be more grateful that I take care of her car and buy her things and clean the house. She should be grateful that I pay for the bills and buy groceries. She should be grateful that I take her to class and dance practice.

I got a job where she goes to school so I could keep my eye on her. She went to work with me so I could watch her all the time and make sure she's not texting a guy or being slutty in some way.

I always double checked and approved her outfit before she went out with me. Nothing too short or revealing. And I NEVER let her go out without me.

She's not the prettiest girl I've ever seen, I'd rate her an 8 out of 10. And I wish she had a bigger ass because I'm an ass guy. When we get married I'm making her get my name tattooed on her ass.

I want to get her pregnant and put a baby in her. My baby. That way I really own her and her life. I do everything for her, even if she wants to do it herself. I like having power and control, especially over the woman I love. I have to watch out for her, she's fragile and clumsy. I do all of this because I care about her and I love her.

She shouldn't be texting anyone but me! I hate when she texts her parents or her brother. It's so annoying because her attention isn't on me like it always should be. She should never drive her own car because she's a horrible driver and I'm a great one. Oh and just because she goes to Clemson doesn't mean she's smarter than me. I've got more common sense than she does, she's a bit ditsy. She could lose a little weight too, she's got some flab.

I told her I loved her the first week we started dating. I thought it was appropriate because that's how I really felt about her. Even though she's not perfect.

School shouldn't come first. I come first. Our sex comes second. My tattoo appointments come third.

I think all men should hit or bite their girlfriends when they don't disagree with them. Men are always right. We're stronger and smarter. I love Donald Trump. My you-know-what is huge and I'm not afraid to brag about it. I take pictures of her car and put them on Instagram and snapchat like every day. Including pictures of me drunk and the pot I buy. And my adorable little rat dog and me vaping.

It's okay for me to flirt with girls because I KNOW I'm not going to do anything. But with my girlfriend, there is no way of me knowing. And I'm a guy and I know how guys think. They don't think with their head, they think with the head of their penis. But I'm not one of those guys.

I don't want her going out with her girlfriends because all they'll do is talk badly about me and they'll tell her she should leave me and that she's missing out on the college life. Then they'll all get in a huge group hug and cry about their feelings.

We didn't have sex every day and we should have, like a normal couple. She got five urinary tract infections. It couldn't be my fault, her vagina is just too dainty. Me abusing her has nothing to do with it.

I took her jeep off-roading every day because that's what jeeps are meant for. I didn't mess up her alignment or brakes, her car is just a shitty car.

Her friends all suck and her family sucks. Anyone who criticizes me or doesn't agree with me sucks.

I smoke hella pot every day, how could I be an abusive person? I'm chill.