Beauty & Brains: How Fashion Has Improved My Organization

Beauty & Brains: How Fashion Has Improved My Organization

How i was inspired by fashion and study blogs to get organized, and how to do it yourself.

I struggled my first two years of college with organization and motivation. A walk in my room would include tip-toeing over dozens of old to-do lists and sheets of lecture notes. I had binders and notebooks and yet the paper never ended up in them. This left my room uninhabitable, and my grades unmentionable. Despite the story my GPA would tell, I have always been an ambitious person. Being very involved with many interests, I struggled to bring order to the many thoughts and tasks ahead of me. It wasn’t until I found my passion for law that I stumbled upon the secret to my organization.

Beauty and study blogs.

I would have never imagined styling my desk area, and designing my office supplies would be the cure-all for my unorganized chaos. It began with a slip for my desk and evolved into a room makeover. Study blogs opened my eyes to ways of note taking that made them both beautiful and easier to study. I learned tools to study faster, and better using new methods. The choice of colors in my note taking became a memory aid for study. Although it may seem silly, bringing my own aesthetic and design to the tools I was using motivated me.

Today, a trip to staples is an exciting adventure for me. Given the choice, I run to the sales of pens and colored paper over clothes. Aesthetic in my office space is now a lifestyle. I am excited and genuinely love being organized and studious now. Here are some photos of my favorite spaces, and tips to find your own inspiration to get organized.

  1. Create your space

Do what you can with the space you have. Tape pictures and notes to the walls, hang your favorite art, having a space that sets the mood will make you more egger to work. Sites like Pinterist have hundreds of pictures of work space and office design for all environments.

2. Have the right tools.

Highlighters and colored pens can become your best friends. Sites like tumblr have study blogs with examples of effective study tips and ways to make your notes more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Take down the right stuff.

Note taking can be a work of art. Without using very artistic notes, sites like Tumblr and YouTube show tutorials on better note taking.

4. Stick It

Sticky notes are good for lists, page markers, and of course notes. Having a variety can keep studying interesting and can make open books tests much easier.

5. Watch and learn.

YouTube is great to get step by step study tutorials and to share with like designers. I follow several vlogs that keep me up to date with fashion as well as inform me about school. My favorite YouTube channel and the inspiration for my organization is LilyLikecom.

6. Study what you love!

If you are truly passionate about what you study you will be much more successful. After changing majors several times I am lucky to have found my love of international law. Fashion and design have gotten me organized for my future career, and I hope it helps you, too.

Keep Calm and Study Stylishly.

Cover Image Credit: mackenzie koehler

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1. Your first six months are free.


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2. There are so many great shows and movies that you can binge.


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