Health And Beauty Tips For The Summer

I know summer is crazy busy, whether you're working or constantly on the move with your friends. Being so busy could cause you to not take care of yourself because you're out of your normal routine. Here are 4 tips you can use to stay on track!

1. Plan out one hour of your day for physical exercise

Whether that be the gym, working out at home or going on a walk in the morning! It is very important that you get some kind of exercise in order to have the energy for the day.

2. Face masks

Before bed each night or every other night, make sure to do a face mask so you can relax before going to bed. This also keeps you from breaking out in the summer. Don't want to have pimples for your pictures on the beach!

3. No heat on your hair

I know this is a given, but leave your hair natural all summer and watch how healthy it gets! Plus, who wants to be straightening their hair when its 80 degrees?

4. Make a big meal so that you can eat leftovers

I find this extremely helpful for me. A meal usually makes 4 servings for me so I can eat it for dinner, lunch and dinner again!

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