The single life isn't always the easy life, especially when you're dreaming of your prince charming.

Alone. Sad. Probably watching all your taken girlfriends' Snapchat stories of their boyfriends. Probably eating ice cream and preaching to your other single girlfriends how "happy" you truly are, and how "men ain't sh*t." You're also probably saying "forever alone" a lot and talking about how many cats you're going to have in the future.

Yeah, being single isn't the best feeling in the world. But, it doesn't have to be the worst either.

Being single is crucial. For yourself, and for any other potential future relationships. You've probably heard this phrase a million times before, but it still reigns true: you can't love someone else until you've learned to love yourself.

I believe it. Though, that isn't to say you can't love someone else and still have your insecurities. I know I still struggle with that sometimes.

What I'm more leaning towards here is that it's important you learn to be alone. Happy, secure, and alone first. Being single is the best time to explore that side of you.

On top of that, you get to discover what you like and don't like in your significant other, as well as what you'd like in a relationship. It's overall just a great time to learn more about yourself.

I know far too many girls who can't cope with just being alone. With just being single. It breaks my heart, and I'm thankful that that's never been my case.

But ladies, listen: y'all are princesses. Each and every one of you. You don't need a man. You don't need your so-called "Prince Charming" to sweep you off your feet and rescue you from a fire-breathing dragon.

You can save yourself.