In life, it's easy to hold onto comfort. Whether that be people, relationships, a job, social media...the list could go on. We like the feeling of security. But, maybe sometimes being comfortable isn't always the best option.

They say, "life begins outside your comfort zone."

And I know it's scary, but you have to get outside of your comfort zone to live.

How are you ever going to meet the love of your life if you're too scared to go on the first date? How are you going to meet the love of your life if you don't kiss a few people in the middle of a crowded room? And maybe, you kissed the wrong people, but you lived and you learned.

How are you going to have your dream career if you don't move away to college? How are you going to have your dream career if you don't change your major? How are you going to have your dream career if you don't quit your crappy job?

How are you going to have your own cute little family you've always dreamed of if you don't move out of your parent's house?

And maybe yesterday was the worst day of your life and the thought of facing the world today makes you want to puke, but if you don't get out of bed that terrible feeling in your stomach is never going to go away.

The other week, I gave up social media for a few days. There was a night where I was home alone with nothing to do and my first thought was to go on social media. But, I couldn't. For someone who has to constantly be doing something, just sitting there was extremely uncomfortable. And sitting alone, bored with my own thoughts was even more uncomfortable.

But I sat there, I let my thoughts wander and I accepted the uncomfortableness.

In the world we live in, it's easier and easier to cover up our uncomfortableness.

But, I challenge you to allow the uncomfortable to meet you.

Hang out with those people you're afraid to hang out with, you'll learn a lot about yourself. Get out of that toxic relationship you've only stayed in for so long because it's comfortable. And once you're out of it, yes, you're going to feel so uncomfortable and so lonely. But, you're going to grow like you never knew you could and you're going to find a type of happiness that you never knew existed.

Do the things that make you uncomfortable and you will become the person you've always wanted to be.