Society loves to remind us that guys are meant to protect you financially and physically while women need to take care of them. The times have changed and for that I am thankful.

When I say the times have changed I mean more woman are being even more fiercely independent and are proud. I choose to be one of them.

It is insane for having to depend on someone financially and physically. If you're always depending on someone, how can you learn how to stand on your own? What happens if they leave you? Will you just break down on the floor wondering what to do next?

It's really important to respect yourself and have confidence first. Learn how to get out of your comfort zone, pay your own bills, earn your own money, spend some time with your friends and family.

I told someone I did not want to depend on anyone and to be able to support myself. I would also like to grab coffee with someone without another person feeling the need to continuously ask for my location.

Perhaps I don't have enough experience in dating but I do know I would rather trust someone rather than looking after them like they are five years old. For goodness sakes, I am an adult and so is the other person. Two adults should be able to trust each other and should support themselves.

I actually feel bad for people who depend on their partner rather than go out and work because they think they will be supported for the rest of their lives. But what happens if they are cheating on you but you couldn't do anything about it? Your whole life savings is tied to the house and to your partner. You have no money saved up nor do you even have a car. Will you go places by taxi or uber? Wouldn't that cost more money than is necessary?

Imagine feeling sorry for yourself and your mental state is broken. How will you get through life? Somehow, you will have to stand up on your feet again.

Men who say, "I don't want you to work. Let me take care of you," want you to depend on them so you don't have anywhere to go. They might want you to enjoy yourself with friends and family but where would the money come from? It would come from him. If you had your own money then he should have no reason to ask you what you are buying. Especially since the only person who needs to know is you.

Women are more than eye candy. We can be strong and independent if we choose to be.

I enjoy the thought of making a living, coming home to make myself some food and enjoy my hobbies and writing. That is my happiness on the line. Also, when people keep asking you, "Hey honey, what's for dinner?" I cannot help but look at them intensely. I'm sorry, do you not have hands and legs? Are you not an adult who can take care of themselves?

I do not mind cooking for someone once in a while but making it a habit is definitely not okay. It is like you are taking care of a child. I am not your mother, I am your lover. But keep this up and I will kick you to the curb.

Some say I may be harsh but I am independent, strong, and would rather keep track of my own finances. I am willing to help someone else if they actually need help. I am over the stereotype of women needing to be more soft, delicate and needing someone to take care of themselves. I have parents who have taken care of me so if I ever need help, I can go to them. In regards to fending for myself from strangers or in life, I would rather learn how to do it on my own.