To live our truest lives, we first have to accept who we are as an individual. We all have unique talents, personality traits, hobbies, and so many more qualities that define us as a human being. It is arguable whether or not these qualities are who we are or if they just scratch the surface, as we learn more and more about ourselves each and every day with the experiences that we encounter. What is most freeing about these experiences is that when we learn who we are, we can live a more authentic life.

A video surfaced on June 15, 2019 that, in my opinion, can shock the world. The LGBTQIA+ community isn't new, but they have been making global advances that will forever impact how we as a society treat our neighbors. Eugene Lee Yang from the Try Guys on Buzzfeed released a truly artistic video that details his experience with accepting that he is gay. In his behind the scenes video that he released following the "I'm Gay" video launch, Eugene becomes vulnerable and explains why he decided to make this video and how it truly was a struggle for him. As possibly projected, this video became viral.

During Pride month, which takes place in June, we celebrate the accomplishments with a very diverse group of individuals who want to be accepted, and we should accept them. There has never been a doubt in my mind that this group of people would change the world. In the behind the scenes video, I was disheartened to hear that Eugene felt wrong for being who he was, which I recognize is what a lot of the youth has been feeling. As our very talented Try Guy takes the risk of putting his truest self out for the entire world to judge, I want to remind everyone, regardless of who you love, what you look like, or any insecurity, you are your biggest critic.

What we fail to realize is that, yes, Pride month is to celebrate a once oppressed group of individuals and all of their successes in becoming more recognized and accepted in the community, but this month also is to encourage every person to live their truest lives. It's scary to have to dig deep and come to terms with who we are as individuals, but this can be so rewarding. When you discover who you are, the world will notice. Confidence comes with developing the strength to tell the world, "Listen, this is who I am and you can either accept me or keep walking."

This video, as elegant and well produced as it is, is screaming at its viewers to accept themselves. This message is so powerful because our mental health is directly effected with how we view ourselves. We will assume that every person we meet sees a negative quality and we will shut ourselves down. I want everyone to dig deep and see that we all see something so moving in every person we meet. Even that person at work who you butt heads with, that person at school who doesn't want to see you succeed, they teach us new perspectives of life that we would not see otherwise if we had not met them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being your true, authentic self.

If you have not seen the video in question, I recommend taking some time to really watch and understand the message behind it all. When we can understand how others are feeling, we can learn to be more supportive of those we come across in life.

"I'm Gay- Eugene Lee Yang"

"Why I'm Coming Out As Gay"