The Battle Of Priorities
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The Battle Of Priorities

Sometimes the choice is made for you.

The Battle Of Priorities

A hand gestured wildly over around a phone ringing beside a worn out pillow. Blindly searching for the source of the noise, the hand persisted in its search until it finally found its goal, slamming an impatient finger on the digital screen to get rid of the god awful sound.

A brain pondered, what should I do first? Taking a quick run before classes would be best, I mean, who would needs a gym when there’s a trail literally in your backyard? Besides, I need to wake up somehow, and relying on caffeine all the time is probably unhealthy despite the numerous detective shows I endearingly watch.

A nose sniffed tiredly, realizing that maybe this day is as good as any day to begin tidying up the house, starting with the trash and dirty dishes. Also, telling the neighbors above the apartment room that no matter how much they seek to set their room on fire, nothing can replace their lungs. Only on some mornings, does a nose get the chance to smell such wonderful scents.

A brain pondered, what should I do first? I should probably get started on making some sort of dent in my mountain of coursework. Assignment sheets seemed to have taken the whole room as its territory, a couple of loose leafs floating on the desk, on the dusty corners of a bookshelf, layering the floor with wrinkled papery white and yellow, and even the bed had become a miniature graveyard on which to toss wasted fallen trees on, lined with illegible scribbles.

Two ears were lifted from the pillow to an upright position, aching in an inharmonious ringing. Worried that it failed to detect any sound, it was rubbed in quick succession, and then trained carefully to the nearby window. Not even the song of a bird? Could it be that deafness were just the side effect of sleeping too hard?

A brain pondered, what should I do first? I need to drive to Walmart and pick up a few groceries, maybe cook an actual meal for myself. On the other hand, Netflix isn't going to watch itself, and I hate to abandon my favorite series at a cliffhanger.

A pair of feet fell heavily to the floor, taking a quick step forward to balance the sudden shift from horizontal to vertical. Shuffling slowly to the closet, it stood still for a moment, deciding whether to put on shoes, or stay indoors with socks.

A brain pondered, what should I do first? I could work on a creative writing piece and submit it to the website I found earlier. Maybe I can look around my computer for an unfinished idea and see if I can tweak it a bit for more flair or something like that. Not like I have anything to lose, and anyways, I have to start building up my experience somehow.

A pair of eyes blinked exhaustedly and then looked around its surroundings to find small piles of crumpled up pieces of paper scattered across the bed. Then, looking about the room, it found the phone again, sitting uncharacteristically quiet next to the pillow. The eyes moved closer still, and with a start, realized it was 2 AM. The orbs then proceeded to roll up, left, down, and right, as if to say, it has never been more done with life than now.

A brain fell asleep.

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