When you sit down and think of the great Founding Fathers of our country you will typically think of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin. Only as of recently has the name Alexander Hamilton come into the forefront of the main population. This would be because of the musical, Hamilton. The musical’s focus was to shine a light upon the Hamilton and what he did to influence the brand new governing body at the time. The ramifications of what he did are made evident and persist today.

But not everyone had the same viewpoint of how the government should function. There was always one person who seemed to oppose everything Hamilton had to offer, Thomas Jefferson. In this series, we will explore the differences between the two individuals, as well as their eventual mutual respect for one another. And maybe from all of this, we can see that having opposing views does not mean that you have to hate one another because they are different from you. But rather we can learn from our history in how to deal with the modern political climate.

Now let's get an idea for who these men are and what kind of belief systems they held to be true.

Thomas Jefferson, famed writer of the Declaration of Independence, is a more notable name to the public. Jefferson was an Anti-Federalist through and through. He sought to limit the central governments ability to interfere with the things he believed were designated for state governments. Jefferson believed that government’s power should be limited because if it was not than it would control the people. Individuals rights and freedoms were two of the pillars of our country in Jefferson’s eyes.

Alexander Hamilton had a different viewpoint on what the Central Government should look like. He was a devout Federalist. He believed it was the government's obligation to provide equal footing for everyone in our country. He became the Secretary-Treasurer in George Washington’s cabinet when Jefferson held the office of Secretary of State. This caused much conflict between the two during Washington’s term as president.

As we have finally set the stage for who these men are, next time we will take a deeper look at the crippling differences between them. This series is being written in the hope and ultimate end goal of showing people how we can learn from one another's viewpoints as well as move forward in a positive manner in our current governmental system.