There are few public spaces so friendly and affirming. Whether at a bar, a party, or a rave, girls in the loo share a special unspoken bond of sisterhood built from the common experiences that make you say, "Yup, we've all been there." Nowhere else on earth will you find such warmth and empathy of what should be the most boring of places.

Here's my list of the top five most empowering moments that can only happen thanks to the magic of the ladies bathroom!

5. “You ok in there?”


You spent the last 10 minutes bent over a toilet, crying, with a few more drinks in your system than you know how to handle on your own. Any girl who realizes what you're dealing with would come to your aid. Personally, I've been fortunate enough to never have to be on the receiving end, but I will always grab some water and spend time with someone in need.

4. “Your top is so cute!”


It never hurts to get a little boost of confidence from a complete stranger! Moments like these remind you that we are often our own worst critics, and we deserve to feel beautiful every time we look in the mirror, not just when we look in the mirror in the bathroom of a bar.

3. “Can you help me lose this creep?”


No girl will ever have to ask twice for this one. We all know what it's like to catch the eye of some intoxicated weirdo, for whatever reason. Different girls have different ways of handling it, from subtly redirecting the situation to full on confrontation (I tend toward this one more than I'd like to admit). But what we do have in common is that we will never leave a girl without some backup, at the very least.

2. “Your makeup is on point!"


The way I see it, cosmetic-related compliments are in a league of their own. We put thought into outfits, but makeup is art. When a kind stranger compliments your blending or your wings or whatever it may be, she isn't just complimenting your appearance, she's complimenting your artistic talents AND your good looks.

1. “Anyone have a tampon?”


You knew it was coming.

There is no panic on earth quite like being stuck in public and realizing your period caught you unprepared. The dread you feel when you realize you're probably going to have to roll up a hefty wad of toilet paper and try to get it to stay in place down there for the foreseeable future. When you summon the guts to ask around if anyone can help out, you will rarely be left helpless. Never is the sisterhood so strong than when a simple tampon is all you need to save your day. The best ladies of all will even offer you an extra for back-up.

With all of the struggles women have to face in life, I think it's time to appreciate the simple ways we support each other and lift each other up. Here's to the friendly strangers who make surviving womanhood possible!