I'm definitely able to admit that I'm a huge seasonal candle hoarder- spring candles, summer candles, fall candles- but the best of all are winter candles!

I don't ever regret spending hundreds of dollars each year to stock up on Christmas scents to really put me in the spirit.

Candles go hand-in-hand with festive lights, Christmas movies, mistletoes, and sugar cookies, so you better get on board. Choosing my candles this December was hard, but I've definitely narrowed it down to my Bath & Body Works favorites, a few oldies, and some fresh newbies!

1. Sweater Weather.

I couldn't not add this one to the list because it's one of my favorite scents of all time. It has a nice blend of your classic Christmas scents, mixed with some Eucalyptus for freshness.

2. Fresh Balsam.

We all need the nostalgic smell of a Christmas tree wafting through the living room -especially if you have a fake tree.

3. Pink Fairy Gumdrop.

This smells like lollipops mixed with Christmas fairies. I'm not sure they have a scent but if they did, this candle is what they would smell like.

4. Merry Mimosa.

Holidays are the perfect time to start sipping alcoholic beverages, so why not make your house smell like a merry one?

5. Winter.

I get this candle every year because it's so simple, yet so effective. It smells like you're walking through a winter wonderland as you pass through the kitchen.

6. Frozen Lake.

This has a nice, fresh blend of lavender and juniper berries. If you're looking for a lighter scent, this one might be for you.

7. Twisted Peppermint.

Always a classic, you really can't skip this one. It smells like a candy-cane, and who doesn't love those?

8. Champagne Toast.

It's rather different than most Christmas candles, which is why I always come back to this scent. You can definitely pick out the champagne scent, as well as some orange and citrus notes.

9. Hot Cocoa And Cream.

It's pungent, but it's amazing. This could be bad, considering every time you light this candle you'll want a steaming hot cup of chocolate.

10. Frosted Cranberry.

Cranberry is such an iconic holiday scent that you simply must have it in your collection. Cranberries smell even better when they're frosted.

Of course, you can buy candles at just about any store. However, I think Bath and Body Works is one of the candle elites. Without a doubt, these candles will fill your apartment with holiday cheer... and I think we all need some of that before finals week!