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11 #Basic Girl Summer Trends That Need To Fade Out Like Their Spray-On Tans

It's time to put away the short shorts.

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Summer is almost every girl's favorite time of year. Summer means tans, tan lines, pool, beach and lots of pictures.

If you're what we like to call a "basic girl," then you probably have found yourself wearing shorts that barely cover your bottom, going out in public wearing your bikini top and obsessing over acai.

I know it's summer, ladies, and this hot weather makes everyone want to show some skin. But let's not forget to wear clothes that cover all of the bases or to eat real food every day.

For all of my "basic girls," these are a few trends that really need to fade with your tans when summer ends.

1. Short shorts and crop tops

You're basically going out in a bikini when you wear this classic 'basic girl' summer outfit. That shirt isn't covering anything, and those shorts are definitely showing everything.

2. Countless Yoga selfies and photos

Congratulations, you can do the downward dog - just like every other girl out there who thinks she's a Yoga expert. Thank you for sharing pictures of yourself doing weird moves. Did you find your inner Zen while standing on your head?

3. Face and chest glitter

Honestly, it looks you're playing dress up with all of that glitter on you.


Don't get me wrong here, Acai is good. It's totally healthy, but Acai is not a meal. (Pizza is a meal.)

5. High-waisted bikini bottoms

High-waisted bottoms provide about the same coverage as a one-piece swimsuit. Just pick one: a one piece or a bikini.

6. The tan obsession

Girls, please stop with the fake tans and fake baking. When you're tan to the point that it looks unnatural, something is wrong. It's not flattering.

7. No makeup selfies

Summer calls for lots of #nomakeup and #nofilter selfies. Ladies stop posting photos of yourself without makeup using these hashtags. You're just fishing for a compliment and for someone to tell you that you look good without makeup.

Of course, you don't need makeup. EVERYONE has natural beauty.

8. Pictures of your healthy breakfast

No one wants to see pictures of your super healthy breakfast every morning, especially while we're eating our Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch. We all know that breakfast is the only healthy meal you're eating today.

9. Bikini tops as shirts

This is worse than crop tops. Bikini tops are not shirts. They are not meant to be worn out in public.

Yes, it's hot outside, and yes, you still have to wear ACTUAL clothing.

10. Staged beach pictures

Please stop with pictures of handstands, holding hands and sitting on each other's shoulders while on the beach. It's overdone and fake. Try taking natural photos and soaking up the scenery.

11. The perfect 'summer bod'

Last but not least, the 'summer bod' trend needs to go. I'm not bashing the need or idea to be fit. It's not OK to tell other girls they need to be just like you because you have the 'ideal' summer body.

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