11 Signs You're The Most Basic Girl On Planet Earth And Proud Of It

11 Signs You're The Most Basic Girl On Planet Earth And Proud Of It

If you love Starbucks, still consider Uggs in style, and are known for taking a killer Snap selfie, this is for you.


I have a confession. I am what is commonly known as a Common 'White' Girl. Also known as a Basic Girl. If you are a young woman who identifies with this name, you can probably check off half of or all of this list. Don't be ashamed ladies, we just know Fall is best and Mean Girls will always be an amazing movie!

Basic White Girl: A girl of any race in America who is obsessed with any of the following: leggings, Uggs, Starbucks, Autumn, iPhones, social media, or the movie Mean Girls.

1. You love Starbucks.

Whether it’s an iced coffee or a pumpkin spice latte you love Starbs. If you’re anything like me, you are a gold member which means you and Starbucks have an equal relationship- you give them all your money and they give you a free drink every 125 stars. Starbucks is not just a brand to you, it is your lifeline.

2. Your nails are always painted and perfect.

Personally, I prefer nail polish on my fingers at all times. I feel fancier and I love the way it looks when I am typing! Having fingers without polish is like having a full face of makeup but no lipstick. It just makes me feel bare!

3. You own a Kylie LipKit.

Regardless of your opinions on the product itself, you probably have at least on Kylie LipKit in your makeup drawer. I personally love these lip kits and own quite a few, but something about owning a KarJenner product just makes me feel like I’ve truly made it.

4. Speaking of the KarJenners, you love them!

Keeping up with the Kardashians is not a want but a need. It’s my guilty pleasure! I love to binge watch the shows and dream of a totally un-attainable luxury life. KUWTK makes for great motivational Pinterest boards as well as outfit ideas! Okuuurrr!

5. Your best friends are Lilly, Tiffany, Tory, Kate, and Lulu.

If you too are a basic white girl, you love your brands. Whether you get them at a discount (which I suggest!) or you always have the latest tote or phone case, you keep your friends close but your brands closer.

6. When asked, your favorite rapper is Drake.

I am not huge on the rap scene, but I know the hits and I definitely enjoy some rap while I am working out. I know what artists I care for and those I’ll hit skip on, but for whatever reason when I am asked who my favorite rapper is, I always answer Drake! Don’t get me wrong, it was God’s Plan for that man to leave Degrassi and become a rap legend, but why I say he is my favorite? I am not entirely sure.

7. You ‘stay away’ from Dairy.

I truly do have a dairy intolerance, so I stay away from dairy unless it is something I feel is worth getting sick over… but I know I am not alone as far as basic white girls that don’t touch real milk. Does it just come with the brand?

8. You like, literally, can’t stop talking like this.

I’m 100% guilty of overusing “like” and “literally”. No matter how much I try to stop it and change the language, it is apart of me and my basic white girl-ness.

9. You love One Direction or Justin Bieber.

THEY ARE COMING BACK. And you will defend it until the day is done!! One Direction was just what you needed after the JoBros grew up. You imagine yourself married to Harry Styles or the Biebs on the regular. It could happen!

10. Yes, leggings ARE pants!

You will take the 'leggings are pants' fight to your grave! As a Basic White Girl, you know as long as they are thick enough, they are considered pants. And comfy ones at that!

11. You love a good pic for the gram.

Listen, having a good photo on your Instagram page is not a crime! If you have to take 50+ photos to get the right lighting, there is no shame. You love to take photos an upload pics to your story with that cute white font!

Sh...Basic girls are all around you and honestly I believe we are just living our best lives! You may be "basic," but you sure are wonderful.

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