Basic Christian Moves
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Basic Christian Moves

*Saved by grace since 2002.*

Basic Christian Moves

As Christians, we do things and have pet peeves that are different from the rest of the world.

Here are a few:

1. Having Bible studies at Starbucks because we love Jesus, a latte.

And you can not forget to post a picture of it with a caption of the verse you read and what God showed you through it.

2. Telling your accountability partner, "He told me he was studying Proverbs 31, it is obviously him saying that he wants to marry me."

Do not deny it, we all know that each of us has thought it.

3. Not being able to say "YOLO" because Jesus rose from the dead.

And then you correct someone every time they say it.

4. Creeping on his Instagram and finding a picture of him at church camp or a Bible verse, "OMG Yes he loves Jesus!"

Then (possibly) screenshot it and send it to your best friend so she can see.

5. There is no bread like Communion bread.

It might be the best because it is second service and you are starving, but it doesn't matter.

6. Jesus can see right through your Instagram filtered selfie with a Bible verse.

No comment needed, we have all seen it.

7. Wanting Chickfila on a Sunday.

"Let's go to Chickfila!" ...oh wait, it is Sunday.

8. Squeezing the next person's hand when you are done praying so they know it is their turn.

Its an known sign, when you are squeezed you speak.

9. Getting beside your crush in group prayer so you get an excuse to hold his hand.

Admit it, you have done it a time before.

10. That exciting feeling you get when someone asks you to share your testimony.

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Non-Christians don't understand the joy that comes to your heart when someone asks you share, or even why you are so joyful. It is our job to share that joy through our testimonies so that they might receive the same joy.

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