21 Moments Barry Allen From 'The Flash' Ruined Our Lives

I've never really understood the whole celebrity crush thing; at least, I hadn't until I binge-watched CW's "The Flash" over winter break in 2015. I realized that Grant Gustin as Barry Allen was all that was really missing from my life. That boy can make you feel things like nobody's business, and the rest of the cast sets him up to be able to do just that!

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how emotional this show can make me, but it adds so much color to life.

And while I could just make an entire compilation of all the times Barry has cried and broken my heart, here are 21 times Barry Allen has tugged on all of your heart strings at once, made you laugh too hard, or been too relatable:


1. OK, so maybe I'll start off with a crying moment...

Anytime Barry went to talk to his dad in jail, we knew it was time to break out the Kleenex and ice cream. I mean, who can look at that face and not feel the pain?

2. His reaction after waking up from a nine-month-long coma

Getting straight down to the important questions, Mr. Allen...

3. His perfect friendship with Felicity Smoak

Because even they know they would be absolutely perfect for each other, but they're both hung up on other people.

4. Being able to watch him confront his childhood bully

Don't worry, Baby Barry, future you has got that jerk beat!

5. Realizing we are all Barry

You know... minus the whole superhuman speed thing... oh, and running, for that matter

6. Geeking out over his karoke singing with Caitlin

You're such a liar...but we'll forgive you because you're cute...and you

7. Feeling His Heartbreak When He Gets Everything He Wants And Loses It All Immediately

Everything goes exactly how he wants it to for about five minutes before something happens and takes it all away from him.

8. When He Just Wants To Save His Mom

But he restrains himself and knows it's the right decision

9. The Emotional Roller Coaster Of His Father Being Released From Prison But Immediately Leaving


10. Meeting Patty Spivot And Immediately Knowing They'd Be Perfect Together

She's a big fan of Barry, and she doesn't even know he's The Flash! So sweet!

11. Grinning From Ear To Ear When You Find Out That Even Blind Barry Has Mad Game

Seriously... he could not be any cuter...

12. And Dying A Little Inside When This Bomb Was Dropped

And they loved each other...and Barry could have made her stay... but he wanted her to follow her dreams!

13. Feeling Absolutely Devastated To See Barry So Defeated

So many tears...

14. When We Found His Doppelganger, Barry 2.0, On Earth Two...

Props to my roommate for noticing he looks like Milo Thatch from Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."

15. ... And When Barry 2.0 Finds Out That Original-Recipe Barry Kissed Iris 2.0

That's right, Barry 2.0! That's your girl!

16. Watching Barry (Earth One From Here On Out) Go Back In Time And Bring Back A Gift For Iris

Proving he is absolutely the sweetest person ever.

17. Knowing He Would Give Up His Powers To Save Wally

Even though it left him in danger

18. Realizing He Would Have to Risk His Life To Get His Powers Back

To save the city and the ones he loves

19. This...

No words for the overwhelming emotions this is still giving us all...

20. Knowing That Barry's Broken Heart Was Going To Make Him Do Something With Massive Consequences And Still Being Able To Sympathize

You've created so much more problems by changing the past than you could ever imagine, but I can only guess how much pain you are in. And we all love you no matter what!

21. This Song... (From Season 3 But Not A Spoiler)


Grant Gustin's portrayal of Barry Allen is exciting, comical, and emotional as all get out -- absolutely brilliant! You, sir, are a prince among men, and thank you for giving me unrealistically high expectations for obnoxiously cute relationships!

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